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3 Social Media Myths That Social Media Marketing Firms Toronto Should Be Aware Of in 2021

With social media constantly growing and evolving every year, it can be easy for social media marketing firms in Toronto to lose track of what’s trending and what’s not anymore. It can also be challenging as social media can also help spread misinformation, which is a very common occurrence when it comes to online digital media. As social media marketing firms in Toronto continue to research and create optimized content that’s engaging for target audiences, it’s important to know social media myths that may be holding you back from making the most out of your social media channels. With that being said, here are some social media myths that Toronto social media marketing firms should be aware about. 

Toronto Social Media Marketing Firms – Social Media Myths to Know About

1. Brands & Social Media Marketing Firms in Toronto Should Be On Every Single Online Network

While brands and social media marketing firms in Toronto want to increase their brand awareness and reach target audiences as much as they can, this doesn’t mean that they should have to be on every single online network. Just because you have an online profile on every single social media network, doesn’t mean that your brand will accumulate a large following. 

It’s important that brands and Toronto social media marketing firms conduct research on online social media platforms as well as evaluate their own brand as a way to evaluate which platforms will work best for their business. Each social media network is different, and not all of them will be worth the time and effort if it doesn’t fit your brand. For example, while Pinterest is a great social media network for retail and ecommerce brands, it would do little to nothing for a brand focused on the financial industry. This also has to do with the target audience of your brand or Toronto social media marketing firm; take a look at the patterns of your target audience and see which social networks your viewers are spending most time on. Ideally, you want your brand or Toronto social media marketing firm to have an online presence on social networks that allow room for creativity and suitable content that fits. 

2. Toronto Social Media Marketing Firms Should Put Hashtags on All Posts

Despite the belief that the more hashtags you include in a post, the higher the chances of it being viewed, this is actually incorrect. Hashtags can be a great way to increase engagement for your posts while incorporating branding, but the use of too many hashtags can also backfire for Toronto social media marketing firms. For example, if you’ve ever come across a social media user who put up a post where 90% of the text is just hashtags, then you can’t help but think how desperate this user is to gain followers and viewers. That’s not all; it’s also an eyesore to see an abundance of hashtags all at once, and can also be quite overwhelming for viewers. 

Hashtags should be used appropriately and should also be relative to the content being posted. For major campaigns and events, hashtags can do wonders in increasing engagement. All in all, try to limit the number of hashtags you use, as well as use them when appropriate to your own discretion. 

3. Only Young People Are On Social Media

It’s no lie that the majority of the users on social media are young, especially since millennials and Gen Z are constantly associated with the latest in pop culture and technology. However, this doesn’t mean that social media marketing firms in Toronto should only create content that’s catered to younger audiences. In fact, statistics show that the age group of users continues to increase, giving all the more reason for Toronto social media marketing firms to create diverse content. 

According to Statista, 40% of users aged 46 to 55 were on the professional networking platform LinkedIn by the end of 2020, 55% of Facebook users were over the age of 35 in 2021, and over 80% of users who watched YouTube in 2019 were 45-64 years old. As technology continues to evolve and change, users from older generations are hopping onto the bandwagon and taking part in these new digital trends. 

Moving Forward in Social Media with Toronto Social Media Marketing Firms

As a major marketing strategy that continuously changes and evolves, social media marketing firms in Toronto should ensure that they never get swept away in false myths. While there are many myths surrounding social media and digital trends are constantly changing, social media marketing firms in Toronto can be certain that these three myths will only stay myths no matter how much time passes as social media evolves. With fields and industries being very competitive, Toronto social media marketing firms should make the most out of their social media strategy as they continue to create new, innovative content that’s engaging and drives for change. 


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