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5 Graphic Design Trends Toronto Marketing Firms Should Look Out For in 2021

Every year brings on more opportunities of innovation and change in the world of digital media, with many marketing agencies in Toronto looking to find new ways to unleash creativity amongst brands. With industries becoming more competitive due to numerous brands that emerge every year, this makes it more challenging for designers when putting together design elements for their brands and clients. Every brand seeks to stand out above the rest with original style and design, while also staying on top of current trends in the industry. For those who are wondering what’s in store for 2021, check out some of these graphic design trends that you’ll come across in many Toronto marketing firms this year!


Toronto Marketing Firms – Graphic Design Trends This Year

1.   More Retro Styles from Toronto Marketing Agencies

Time never stops, and while we only move closer towards the future, that certainly doesn’t stop us from going back to the past! The thing about trends is that they always make a comeback, this year you can definitely expect to see a comeback from retro styles in Toronto marketing agencies! With many brands these days having a futuristic, modern style, 2021 will see more designs that fall into the retro category. This could include:


  • Vintage art, illustrations, & comics
  • Pop art
  • Fonts
  • Colour schemes & palettes


From the many events that have occurred in the year of 2020, this has led to individuals to take the time and reflect on the past, which in turn has driven the desire to see more things that spark a nostalgic feeling. Expect to see more design elements from Toronto marketing agencies that fall into retro vibes for a more uplifting style and aesthetic.


2.   Sustainability & Nature-Inspired Designs from Toronto Marketing Firms

By now you can probably name at least three brands from the top of your head that are environmentally-friendly and promote sustainability practices, and this trend will only continue to rise this year in marketing agencies across Toronto. With more awareness being spread now about climate change and the negative ways that the environment is being affected by numerous factors, many Toronto marketing agencies will be focusing more on how to incorporate nature-themed design elements as a way to promote sustainability in brands. This approach will take effect in all sorts of designs from Toronto marketing firms, from packaging design to website design.


3.   Toronto Marketing Agencies to Focus on Cultural Representation & Diversity

Many social causes and powerful movements have been on a roll this past decade, and many brands and marketing agencies in Toronto have taken part of this as well by incorporating cultural representation and diversity into their brand designs. In turn, this adds more value to brands and marketing agencies in Toronto because it shows others the authenticity and personal side of a brand rather than always being sales-driven. This is evident with many Toronto marketing agencies showing their support for the POC community and using their voices and social platforms to call for more diversity and equality in the industry.


“As a designer, portraying diversity is the way we can do our part for a better and more inclusive future. By portraying diversity, we inspire & encourage people of all backgrounds on their journeys and that’s such a needed and positive change,” says 99designs’ top level designer Fe Melo. Representation has become a huge element in design and media for Toronto marketing agencies, as it creates a meaningful and powerful message that makes an impact for all audiences. As society continues to open up and become more active in social movements, this will be reflected in the media and design industries as well.


4.   Geometric Shapes Make an Appearance in Toronto Marketing Firms

While last year was the year of using flowing, abstract shapes in designs, 2021 will be seeing more sharper designs from Toronto marketing agencies in the form of geometric shapes. However, this doesn’t mean just simply using circles and squares though; geometric shapes can be elevated through the use of combining large blocks and solids to mix with strong colours and outlines to produce unique, imaginative designs that are appealing to the eyes. Marketing agencies in Toronto may even kick it up a notch by using 3D animation to make geometric shapes all the more alluring in brand design, or even the simplicity of combining geometric shapes with bold, strong colours for a confident and abstract design.


5.   More Blur & Grain Effects in Designs from Toronto Marketing Agencies

Gradients and transitions in colours have been a popular trend in recent years, however this year it looks like this trend will be dying down. Instead, you may actually be seeing more blurring and grain effects in designs from Toronto marketing agencies. While most designs are expected to be clear and straightforward in order to get the main message straight across, this doesn’t make the use of blurring and grain effects inefficient though. In fact, Toronto marketing agencies will be using this method to their advantage when creating designs. Designers can create a balance between feeling transitory and real-to-the-touch for a special effect using the blur and grain method, setting a mood that can actually be quite relative and comfortable for the eyes of the target audience. The theme of dissonance can create a comfortable atmosphere in designs from marketing agencies in Toronto, where blending and layering can add depth to images.

Keeping An Eye Out for Toronto Marketing Agencies

As we continue to develop brands and create new designs for innovative change, many Toronto marketing agencies are doing whatever they can to incorporate new graphic design trends while adding their own twist to designs in order to make it unique. Originality is a valuable trait that can be hard to come across, especially with current trends to keep in mind when creating designs. While it can be a challenge, this also provides an opportunity for designers and Toronto marketing agencies to go above and beyond as they think outside of the box to create stunning visual designs that make an impact for all sorts of brands. If you’re looking for assistance in creating powerful designs that make an impact, then Toronto marketing agency Brand & Mortar might just be your perfect pick.


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