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An award winning Toronto Marketing Agency that believes in relationships, transparency and trust.

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We are a full service marketing agency in Toronto and San Diego that puts you first. From brand development, website design, social media management and content marketing, to designing your next powerful ad campaign, we work to understand your consumers, your markets and what you need. We help you navigate any complex challenges and make it all easy to understand.

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We help clients grow their business. It's that simple.

Since 2011 we have helped businesses online and offline achieve their business objectives, placing their brand strategy, websites, social media and marketing campaigns in the forefront of consumer consciousness. Ranked as a top Toronto marketing agency, we are driven by results, and provide unique solutions to marketing challenges. Through careful planning and strategic development, we place your needs at the center of all our work. In our view, relationships are stronger than contracts, which is why we value transparency and communication above all else.


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Our flexibility, creativity, and proactive approach will allow you to grow current markets, enter new markets, and execute on a well-developed strategy. We love it when a good plan comes together.

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31 Powerhouse St. Suite 203 Toronto, ON. M6H 0C7

416 729 1154

San Diego

8910 University Center Lane Suite 400, San Diego CA 92122


It appears franchise trends are always evolving and changing. Do you own or operate a franchise? Are you a new or small business owner? Contact Brand & Mortar to speak with a brand marketing ... specialist. #Franchise #Entrepreneur

With the year coming to an end, we thought it would be fun to take a look at a few of the 2019 most impactful advertisers (brands). From #Peleton to #Lincoln, what advertiser impacted you the most? ... Read more:

We know that transparency is non-negotiable and that strong communication is the foundation of any great relationship. With the knowledge and expertise at Brand & Mortar we are confident that we can make an impact on your business and its bottom line.


31 Powerhouse St. Suite 203
Toronto, ON. M6H 0C7
416 729 1154

San Diego

8910 University Center Lane
Suite 400, San Diego CA 92122





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