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A Brief Intro to Social Shopping – Why Toronto Marketing Firms Should Set Up An Instagram Shop

With many brands taking their businesses and ventures online due to the economical effects from COVID-19, the way consumers shop has drastically changed in the past year. While online shopping isn’t anything new, the circumstances of this past year has pushed social media platforms to promote a new way for consumers to shop, primarily through the well-known photo/video sharing app Instagram. Many Toronto marketing agencies are very familiar with the social network, as many brands have incorporated the platform into their marketing strategy. As social media continues to rise in popularity, more brands and Toronto marketing agencies are using Instagram’s latest shopping feature to promote ecommerce business. But how effective is it, and what does it take for a Toronto marketing agency to set up an Instagram shop?


Intro for Toronto Marketing Agencies – What is Instagram Shopping?

Back in 2016, Instagram launched a shopping feature to be tested; however, it wasn’t until 2020 where it became truly prominent. As the pandemic has made a significant negative impact across all industries, many companies and brands have been doing whatever it takes to keep their business alive. With limitations and restrictions being put in place, brands have been forced to take their business online.

But how did they end up on Instagram Shopping?

More than 500 million users are on Instagram daily, with 50% of them following at least ONE business. Toronto marketing agencies already know the power that Instagram holds and how much it can increase brand awareness, which is why it shouldn’t be too surprising that many businesses are turning to the platform to showcase their services.

With Instagram Shopping, ecommerce brands and Toronto marketing agencies are able to create a digital catalog that shows consumers the services and products they offer, along with easy purchases and transactions that can be made right on the app in just a few simple clicks. Through this customizable storefront, brands and Toronto marketing agencies can provide an easy and modern take for online shopping, where they can utilize features such as product detail pages, collections, shopping tags, shop discovery tabs, and more.


Why Should Toronto Marketing Firms Consider Instagram Shopping?

In general, Instagram marketing already holds a lot of power, where the platform continues to help brands and Toronto marketing agencies of all sorts grow and connect with target audiences. With Instagram Shopping, marketing firms in Toronto can help grow their business and raise brand recognition even more. According to statistics from Instagram, 70%

of users turn to the social network to discover new products, and 87% of users say that influencers have inspired them to make a purchase. With so many users on the social platform daily, marketing firms in Toronto can use this to their advantage and make the most out of their marketing strategy by setting up a storefront on Instagram Shopping to entice shopping enthusiasts and influencers.


How Toronto Marketing Agencies Can Get Started on Instagram Shopping

Looking to hop onto the bandwagon? Here’s a brief step-by-step guide on how Toronto marketing agencies can get started on Instagram Shopping!


1.   Set Up a Professional Business/Creator Account

If your Toronto marketing agency hasn’t already, it’s best to change your brand’s Instagram account to a Business or Creator account. This is important as it qualifies you for Instagram Shopping features (as regular accounts can’t use this feature). Business and creator accounts also get benefits of tracking analytics related to the account as well.


2.   Connect to a Toronto Marketing Agency Facebook Page

Another important step that helps you get approved for Instagram Shopping is to connect your Instagram account to a Facebook page. Without it, Toronto marketing agencies won’t qualify for Instagram Shopping as it won’t appear verified if it isn’t connected to an official Facebook page. If any marketing agency in Toronto doesn’t have a Facebook page yet, it’s time to set one up!


3.   Upload a Product Catalog

In order for consumers to see your products, Toronto marketing agencies need to upload a product catalog. There are a few different ways to do this:

  • Manually input each product into Facebook Business manager
  • Integrate a pre-existing product database from an ecommerce source (eg. Shopify)

Depending on your preferences, Toronto marketing agencies can do catalog creation in whatever method that works for them.


4.   Submit Your Toronto Marketing Agency Account for Review

As mentioned earlier, a Toronto marketing agency’s Instagram account needs to be approved in order to be eligible for access to the Instagram Shopping features. This process may take several days or even longer.


5.   Turn on Instagram Shopping!

Once a Toronto marketing agency’s Instagram account has been approved for Instagram Shopping, there’s one last step to do before you can officially launch it: turn it on! Toronto marketing agencies must ensure that they connect their product catalogs with their Instagram Shop, and then users can officially view the live storefront.


The Future of Instagram Shopping for Toronto Marketing Agencies

While the pandemic is still ongoing and restrictions are slowly being lifted, many businesses are still affected with limitations. Instagram Shopping will only continue to rise in popularity in the near future, as it has proved to be an overall beneficial tool for many Toronto marketing agencies and brands to help attract target audiences and gain more exposure. With easy-to-use functionality and effortless contact, Instagram Shopping is bringing a whole new meaning to online shopping for Toronto marketing agencies and consumers through innovation.


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