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A Guide to Basic SEO Practices

For anyone in the business and marketing industry, you’ve most likely already heard of the term SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization. A practice that has been adopted by many different businesses from all sorts of industries, the implementation of SEO practices into marketing can greatly help promote business for Toronto SEO agencies and other small brands. In fact, 46% of all Google searches are looking for information, according to a study from GoGulf.

A staple in marketing tactics for Toronto marketing agencies, there needs to be a solid understanding of SEO practices, as you could be missing out on potential consumers if your business isn’t properly optimized for local search.


Basic SEO Tips for Toronto Marketing Firms

1.   Get Optimized for Google My Business

With Google being the most popular search engine used across the globe, it’s vital that you register and optimize your Toronto marketing agency and small business for Google My Business. If you’ve ever looked up a restaurant to order takeout, for example, then you’ve probably seen it registered on Google where all the contact information is there for you. This handy tool can make Toronto marketing firms and small businesses appear verified and established, This method can also help promote business by improved local search, which is why it’s important to frequently update your business hours and other important details in order to create a great experience for both your current customers and new potential customers who find you.


2.   Toronto Marketing Firms Need to be Engaging on Social Media

We all know just how much power there is in social media, and this is true especially for businesses and Toronto marketing firms. Especially with the ongoing pandemic that has put restrictions and limitations on how businesses operate, consumers are relying on brands and Toronto marketing firms to stay active and engaging online. The Google search engine has also recognized the importance and impact that social media has over audiences, which is why it can be a great idea to also upload posts on Google My Business.


3.   Ensure Content for Toronto Marketing Firms Are Optimized

The content for your Toronto marketing firm or brand is important, as it showcases what your business is all about. For every new blog post that a Toronto marketing firm publishes, this opens up another new opportunity to expand your brand and have it show up in the search engine results pages, also known as SERPs. Parts of content to keep in mind for optimization:

  • URLs
  • Meta-descriptions
  • Title tags
  • Headers
  • Body content

When optimizing content, ensure high-volume keywords that are relative to the content you produce are included in order for increased chances of appearing in local search.


4.   Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

According to a study from Statista, about 61% of all Google searches are done on mobile. Your website shouldn’t just be presentable and functional on a desktop; it should also be mobile-friendly as well. This makes sense as many of us are constantly on our phones and may look up businesses and Toronto marketing agencies at any time while on-the-go, which is why you should ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. As consumers are always looking up reviews and contact information while scrolling through mobile devices, expand your appeal to potential consumers with a mobile-friendly website that’s optimized.


5.   Incorporate Location & Create Local Content

For many businesses and Toronto marketing agencies, there may be more than one location. If your brand has more than one business location in operation, be sure to update your location accordingly and provide consumers with the correct corresponding contact information such as address, phone number, etc. The last thing you want is an angry complaint/review because of misinformation about different locations and their services.

It’s also helpful for Toronto marketing agencies and brands to create local content, as this can be an effective way to let others know about a new business in the area and what it has to offer. This can also be beneficial as it allows Toronto marketing agencies to connect with other businesses in the local area and support one another while providing value and resources.


SEO Optimization for Toronto Marketing Agencies

For any marketing agency in Toronto, the implementation of best SEO practices can greatly promote business and drive traffic from new potential consumers. With more and more brands emerging each day, consumers are discovering new businesses through local search that’s been boosted from SEO practices. Make your Toronto marketing agency stand out and appear in local search with SEO and start driving business for clients!


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