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An Introduction to Live Streaming For Toronto Digital Marketing Agencies

Social media channels are becoming more about people and less about brands. Live streaming is a low-budget way to create a human connection with your audience–and best of all, it requires very little equipment. Let’s dust off that webcam or cellphone, spark that ring light and get started!


5 Reasons creative agencies in Toronto should include live-streaming in their strategies

1. Improved algorithm positioning

The major social platforms–including Instagram and Facebook, prioritize live content in their newsfeed. This is made clear by live-streamed content appearing first in the stories feed.

Statistics show that live videos receive six times more engagement than pre-recorded content. Going live allows for better exposure, varied content, trust and engagement–leaving your audience wanting to return for more.

2. Immediate engagement

Live streams turn a broadcast into a real-life, breathing conversation.

Influencers often go live as a way to answer questions in real time. The audience may ask questions directly–encouraging responses that are candid, genuine and allow you viewers to connect on a personal level.


3. Build a deeper connection

A live stream is where things ‘get real’–they’re unpolished, imperfect, and leave the host vulnerable.

But this sense of authenticity is what keeps audiences returning! Having you or a brand acknowledge them in real time creates an intimate connection that no post or advertisement ever will. Best of all, live streams are often far more simple to produce than other forms of video.


4. Minimal prep & production

When filming live, people are more forgiving when it comes to low production values. Live streams are often recorded on smartphone cameras, and take place in casual settings such as vehicles, while the host is partaking in commonplace tasks.

Authenticity is everything for modern consumers; therefore there is little worry for elaborate sets, special effects or immaculate lighting. This is great news for Toronto marketing firms who are working with a low budget, yet seek high engagement and transparent connections!

5. Minimal prep & production

For an upcoming Toronto creative agency, justifying results is everything. Live streams provide a documentation of interactions including:

  • Accounts Reached: This number reflects the total number of visitors to your stream throughout the entire duration.
  • Average Watch Time: Knowing your average live stream engagement gives insight on how much content to include per stream.
  • Comments: How many times viewers commented on your live video. To encourage conversation, acknowledge your audience and ask questions!
  • Peak Concurrent Viewers: This is a metric that informs the streamer of how many viewers watched the live stream at its busiest point. Measuring your peak concurrent views can give insight as to what content performs the best, and areas which caused slumps in viewership.

To create more engaging live streams, you may test going live at different times, experiment with different content types and increase conversations with your viewers.

How you can get started with live streaming

By now, you’re probably anxious to stream! And your audience is probably in heavy suspense. Not to worry, the process is simple–yet slightly different on each channel. Scroll and scan below to see how you can start streaming on your favourite network.


How to go live on Instagram

Instagram live is an excellent way to collaborate with co-hosts and answer questions. It’s also jam packed with fun filters. When live, you will see the names of viewers, how many streamers, and real-time comments. Be ready to respond!

Best of all, when your session is over you may share the stream to your story for later viewings.

Instagram Live currently only works on the platform’s mobile version.

  1. Start by tapping the ‘Your Story’ option in the top left side of the homepage.
  2. Swipe right until you reach the Instagram Live Screen.
  3. Click the Go live button when you’re ready to start streaming–you’ll see people joining in real time!


How Toronto marketing firms can go live on Facebook

Much like Instagram, you will see live viewers, comments and users as they join. For Facebook, the live stream process is slightly different for each device and platform:


Going live for a Facebook Business page:

  1. Click the post button
  2. Click ‘Go Live’
  3. Hit the ‘Start live video’ button and stream away!

Before you stream, you will be given the option to write a short description, and may click the three dots in the top right corner to choose your desired audience.

How to go live on your personal profile:

  1. On your newsfeed, tap live
  2. Click the ‘Start Live Video’ button or ‘Bring a Friend’ to broadcast with someone

You may adjust your audience by pressing the ‘To:’ variable at the top of the page. Furthermore, you may click “Send Notifications” which will alert friends and followers when you go live.

Filming a Facebook Live video on a computer:

  1. Tape the three dots in your ‘Create Post’ box from your newsfeed.
  2. Choose Live Video
  3. Click  the camera to use your webcam or connect to use a specific input source
  4. Select where your video appears and add a title/description if you’d like
  5. Click the ‘Go Live” button.


Going live on Twitter

A live stream is a perfect way to cut the clutter from the endless tweets and text. When the stream is complete, you can share from the beginning to tweet the full video.

  1. Click the camera icon from the composer
  2. Tap Live–you may go live with just audio. Do this by tapping the microphone at the bottom right. You’ll be heard by listeners but not seen.
  3. Tap Go Live


How a digital media agency in Toronto can go live on Youtube

In 2019, Youtube reported that an average of 2 billion users logged in daily. Accounting for the world’s second most video streaming after Netflix, now is the time to start Live streaming on Youtube!

The process varies slightly on each device:

To livestream from a webcam:

  1. Click the video camera icon in the upper right corner
  2. Hit go live
  3. Choose webcam
  4. Hit save.
  5. Click ‘Go live’.

You have the option to add a title, description, or adjust privacy settings.

Live streaming from an iPhone/iPad

  1. Click the video camera icon.
  2. Hit ‘Go live’.
  3. If necessary, add a title and refine the privacy settings.
  4. Hit next.
  5. Go live.

Live streaming from an Android device:

  1. Click the video camera icon.
  2. Choose “Go live”
  3. Click the camera icon to record with your camera, or you may choose to stream your screen by clicking the phone icon.
  4. If needed, add a title and change privacy settings
  5. Hit next
  6. Go live.

For more information on Youtube live streaming, including how to stream from an encoder, visit here.


Live stream takeaways for Toronto digital marketing agencies

Live streaming is a cost effective way to foster a transparent connection with your audience. It can be done with minimal equipment, and is an excellent technique for increasing engagement. As results are highly measurable, live streaming is a quintessential component of your next content strategy.

Self-broadcasting is a blazing revolution in the world of social media. Its relevance is apparent across all mediums. If you’re interested in audio broadcast, check out our article A Brief Intro to Clubhouse for Social Media Marketing Firms in Toronto.

Now that you have a solid foundation in live streaming, be sure to check back for further updates. After you’ve practiced a bit, we’ll be sure to provide you with tips on how to live stream like a pro!


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