Why You Should Bring Your Lunch to Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Photo cred: CESA

Bring Your Lunch vs. Buying

An infographic on buying your lunch proves that packing a lunch for work can save you $3,000 per year.

It can be so tempting to wake up a little later or go to bed a little earlier and completely forget to pack or bring your lunch the next morning. Although it’s nice to treat yourself once and a while, you waste a lot more money than you think by buying your lunch.

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It starts off with a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Some have their Starbucks, others prefer Second Cup, but the average coffee buyer spends $19.40 on coffee per week. This adds up quickly to $1, 008.80 per year! Then comes the lunch break when workers are spending double their coffee money on a lunch.

It seems counterproductive to be coming to work to save and make money, only to spend it on food and coffee – doesn’t it? Bring your lunch to work people!

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Stick With Your “Sammy”

This infographic explains that if you bring your lunch to work, you can cut your weekly lunch cost by 80%. If you weren’t convinced, the infographic goes into detail about particular food items and how much they cost at the grocery store. It even gives you a three-day lunch plan to follow, if you’re looking to save money eating at work. You don’t have to be a chef! It only takes a sandwich to fill up your tummy and allows your bank account to accumulate throughout the week, as opposed to being drained.

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So next time you are at work and tempted to get that delicious pita from around the corner – stick with your “sammy” and maybe treat yourself every now and then. It will allow you to enjoy your lunch out instead of putting a dent in your account. Maybe your friends at work will follow suit once you spend your money on things that last, as opposed to that one mouthwatering meal.

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