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Toronto Bridal Brunch


In ROI - Return on Investment

The Toronto Bridal Brunch tasked us with designing a strategy for selling tickets for their first ever Toronto based bridal event.

Brand & Mortar is proud to help promote local events launched by energetic entrepreneurs. Playing a vital role in the launch of their inaugural event was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our ability to raise awareness and convert consumers on short notice through focused execution and timely placements.


  • Low awareness (first-year event)
  • Short timeline (only 2 months to sell)
  • Contribute to selling 145 tickets


Paid digital campaigns activate Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and AdRoll to create a comprehensive network of ads.


Sold out event with a week remaining and 613% in ROI – Return on Investment. We contributed significantly to the sale of the total 145 event tickets. Generating 159,000 impressions.

  • Had to stop campaigns early, with budget remaining as the event sold out
  • Increased site traffic


In ROI - Return on Investment

Sold Out Event with a Week Remaining


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM is an integral piece of any marketing strategy and channel mix, and it can drive immediate ROI on your marketing and advertising efforts while building brand awareness, generating buzz, growing brand loyalty and developing an influencer marketing base.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Management

PPC advertising is one of the best ways to target your most qualified audience. The results you get from PPC are highly measurable and allows you to reach customers where they’re already looking for solutions.

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Google Ads

We set-up, manage and continually optimize the performance of Google Ads campaigns for B2B and B2C businesses while minimizing wasted ad spend and sales effort.

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AdRoll Remarketing

Remarketing reminds users of their interest, keeping your brand top of mind, and is a prime contributor to conversions.

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