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The Work Uniform

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Photo cred: Matilda Kahl

How the Work Uniform Can Work for You

Every company has their own dress code and some are easier to follow than others. Some offices are okay with a more casual look and others want you to dress more professionally. It really depends on the work culture and environment. Although, no matter the dress code, you can follow the rules while creating your own work ‘uniform.’

Similar to a typical high school uniform a work uniform can satisfy all of the requirements of the dress code, but is something simple that you never have to plan or search for when you wake-up in the morning.

Buy a few pairs of the same pants and a few white blouses and your work uniform is set for the week!


Matilda Kahl’s Work Uniform

Art Director, Matilda Kahl, made the news with her work uniform and genious idea. Instead of focusing on organizing her clothes for the morning, her simple outfit is ready for her everyday. Focus and energy should be spent on your work, not figuring out to wear every morning.

Kahl says:

The main motivation was that I understood how much time and energy I’d save if I could just take out the clothing aspect of my working days. We have so many great creative challenges at Saatchi that I’d rather spend my time on that, not picking out a new outfit every morning.

So taking advice from Matilda Kahl, we can all learn a thing or two about “office attire.” A work uniform is a great way to save time, money and energy before you even wake-up in the morning. You can enjoy a few more sips of your coffee and sleep in a few minutes later — instead of worrying about the little things.



Maintaining a Clean Workspace and Why It’s Important

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Is Your Workspace an Organized Mess? 

You might hear messy people say that their mess is ‘organized.’ A workspace might look organized to that particular person, but the rest of the office might not be on the same page.

It’s important to keep your workspace organized – not only for yourself – but to keep the office looking presentable at all times. Clients or prospective clients might be wandering the halls at anytime and if your office space is messy – you can really affect the initial impression you have with that company or client.

A clean, productive workspace is what you want. Open concept offices are also great for people to bounce ideas off of one another and a clean office really contributes to this dynamic environment.


Photo cred: @diyhoard

A More Productive Work Environment 

Productivity is largely influenced by a person’s office environment as well. If you have candy wrappers, cell phones, magazines or food lying around – it can really distract you from your task at hand. If a task is monotonous at times, a messy workspace becomes even more distracting. The goal is to focus and zone in on your specific day-to-day duties.

Once an office is clean, a client or customer should be able to walk in at anytime and enjoy their experience in the space. People trust cleanliness. A person is more likely to do business with you or buy into your business if you appear to be a neat and organized person. If your office is neat, you likely handle your business efficiently and affectively as well.


Photo cred: @luxtiness

So keep your office clean to enhance productivity, impress the customer or client and enjoy your healthy, organized workspace. You will make your co-workers happy and you might even see the results after a few compliments from your boss!

Why You Should Bring Your Lunch to Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Photo cred: CESA

Info 2


Photo cred: CESA

Bring Your Lunch vs. Buying

An infographic on buying your lunch proves that packing a lunch for work can save you $3,000 per year.

It can be so tempting to wake up a little later or go to bed a little earlier and completely forget to pack or bring your lunch the next morning. Although it’s nice to treat yourself once and a while, you waste a lot more money than you think by buying your lunch.

Info 1

Photo cred: CESA

It starts off with a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Some have their Starbucks, others prefer Second Cup, but the average coffee buyer spends $19.40 on coffee per week. This adds up quickly to $1, 008.80 per year! Then comes the lunch break when workers are spending double their coffee money on a lunch.

It seems counterproductive to be coming to work to save and make money, only to spend it on food and coffee – doesn’t it? Bring your lunch to work people!

Info 3

Photo cred: CESA

Stick With Your “Sammy”

This infographic explains that if you bring your lunch to work, you can cut your weekly lunch cost by 80%. If you weren’t convinced, the infographic goes into detail about particular food items and how much they cost at the grocery store. It even gives you a three-day lunch plan to follow, if you’re looking to save money eating at work. You don’t have to be a chef! It only takes a sandwich to fill up your tummy and allows your bank account to accumulate throughout the week, as opposed to being drained.

Info 4

Photo cred: CESA

So next time you are at work and tempted to get that delicious pita from around the corner – stick with your “sammy” and maybe treat yourself every now and then. It will allow you to enjoy your lunch out instead of putting a dent in your account. Maybe your friends at work will follow suit once you spend your money on things that last, as opposed to that one mouthwatering meal.