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The Work Uniform

Photo cred: Matilda Kahl How the Work Uniform Can Work for You Every company has their own dress code and some are easier to follow than others. Some offices are okay with a more casual look and others want you to dress more professionally. It really depends on the work culture and environment. Although, no matter the dress code, you can follow the rules while creating your own work ‘uniform.’ Similar to a typical high school uniform a work uniform can satisfy all of the requirements of the dress code, but is something simple that you never have to plan or […]


Maintaining a Clean Workspace and Why It’s Important

Photo cred: @i-know-everything-and-nothing Is Your Workspace an Organized Mess?  You might hear messy people say that their mess is ‘organized.’ A workspace might look organized to that particular person, but the rest of the office might not be on the same page. It’s important to keep your workspace organized – not only for yourself – but to keep the office looking presentable at all times. Clients or prospective clients might be wandering the halls at anytime and if your office space is messy – you can really affect the initial impression you have with that company or client. A clean, […]


Why You Should Bring Your Lunch to Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

Photo cred: CESA   Photo cred: CESA Bring Your Lunch vs. Buying An infographic on buying your lunch proves that packing a lunch for work can save you $3,000 per year. It can be so tempting to wake up a little later or go to bed a little earlier and completely forget to pack or bring your lunch the next morning. Although it’s nice to treat yourself once and a while, you waste a lot more money than you think by buying your lunch. Photo cred: CESA It starts off with a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Some […]


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