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Graphic Design Trends for 2022: A Guide for Brand Development in Toronto

Graphic design is evolving in tandem with the continual pivot between good and bad, scientific breakthroughs and environmental changes. What do stated changes and the emergence of new technologies result in? A blazing inferno of creativity! If you’re seeking design or brand development in Toronto, read on to discover some emerging trends identified by our experts.   ’90s Moments with Modern Elements Millennials are quickly approaching middle age. The current pandemic, alongside a landslide of adult responsibilities, have ’90s kids seeking a sense of comfort by reflecting back to simpler times. We’ve seen pixelated art, references to retro technology and […]


Web Design Trends to Expect From Digital Marketing Agencies in Toronto for 2022

2021 was a pivotal year for Toronto marketing agencies. Being one of the most locked-down cities in North America, our clients seek thorough eCommerce and web expertise – to facilitate remote work and retail. Over the past decade, we’ve designed websites that focused on the user experiences – making them more accessible, easy to navigate and optimized for all devices. However, these traits are now the minimum requirements. Among a highly competitive landscape, our creatives focus on crafting web content that engages on a personal and sentimental level – a sense of empathy that reflects the ever-changing world we’re in. […]


Articles With Authority: 5 Ways Content Writing Grows Your Business

Nearly every modern business requires a web strategy to depict their competitive advantages – otherwise, your potential customers and clients will seek help elsewhere. Are you thinking of hiring a Toronto marketing firm to help elevate your web presence? Then consider asking them for content writing services. Read on and discover how content writing can boost sales, educate your audience and establish your brand as a thought leader. But what is content writing? Content writing is text produced for websites to help satisfy digital marketing objectives. Its general application is towards blogs and articles but can also include scripts for videos or […]


CRUSH Your Quotas With High-Performance Sales Copywriting!

Business owners: you’ve likely been in agony over a project – hunched, over-caffeinated and underslept at some point because you’re struggling to fill a page, product description or email with captivating words. You’re not alone and should never stress over empty page syndrome.  Today we’re focusing on copywriting and how Toronto marketing firms use it to drive sales. But what is copywriting? Copywriting is the craft of producing text or speech for advertising or marketing materials. It aims to persuade a person or audience to take a particular action or create a favourable opinion on a brand. Copy contributes to […]


The 2021 Facebook Ad Guide for Marketing Agencies In Toronto

Marketing agencies in Toronto: due to the popularity of newer channels such as TikTok and Instagram, you may be asking yourself ‘Is Facebook advertising still worth my time?’ Given that Facebook is the world’s largest social channel–with over 2.8 billion monthly active users, the answer is a hard yes. Facebook is more than a place for your parents to share pet photos–it’s also a thriving digital marketplace! Nearly 70% of users visit a local business’s Facebook page at least once a week–therefore, it’s an undeniable force for businesses to connect with their audience. Before we discuss executions, consider these five […]


The Ultimate Holiday Social Media Strategy Guide For Toronto Marketing Agencies

Marketing Firms in Toronto: These final months of the year are paramount for establishing your brand, connecting with customers and driving sales! Although retail is very much open, ecommerce continues to dominate–with social channels including Instagram further developing themselves as market places. We get it: there’s A LOT of pressure to stand out during the holiday season. So you’re probably asking, How can I make the most of my client’s holiday budget? Look no further: we’re here to unwrap the secrets to success with the following five tips!   1. Create a Holiday calendar A common question we hear is […]


The Ultimate B2B Social Media Strategy Guide For Toronto Digital Marketing Agencies

First off, you may be asking, what is B2B social media marketing?   B2B is short-form for business to business. B2B social media marketing refers to using social channels to promote ideas or products to other companies–in hopes of sales, networking, or thought leadership. B2B marketing requires strategic thinking to cultivate long-term corporate relationships that result in large scale purchases. Nearly half of Millennial B2B customers would rather not engage with sales reps at all. Therefore, digital marketing agencies in Toronto consider social media as an essential method of lead generation.   Let’s consider these crucial B2B statistics: By 2025, […]


An Introduction to Live Streaming For Toronto Digital Marketing Agencies

Social media channels are becoming more about people and less about brands. Live streaming is a low-budget way to create a human connection with your audience–and best of all, it requires very little equipment. Let’s dust off that webcam or cellphone, spark that ring light and get started!   5 Reasons creative agencies in Toronto should include live-streaming in their strategies 1. Improved algorithm positioning The major social platforms–including Instagram and Facebook, prioritize live content in their newsfeed. This is made clear by live-streamed content appearing first in the stories feed. Statistics show that live videos receive six times more engagement […]


Why Every Toronto Marketing Agency Should Implement LinkedIn Marketing

As you probably already know by now, LinkedIn is one of the most widely known networking platforms in the digital age. Initially known for professionals and job hunters, many companies and organizations are building an online presence through their own LinkedIn profile as well. Aside from growing your own personal network and making connections with others, LinkedIn has also become an effective tool for brand marketing in Toronto. With the platform frequently being known as a place to grow and expand your professional network, you can expect a different type of audience as opposed to other social media platforms such […]


The Six Pillars to Create a Positive Digital Customer Experience (dCX)

With a global crisis forcing many companies to close or operate at reduced capacity, it may be surprising to learn that consumers expect service to remain unchanged. It is apparent people want to feel seen, recognized, and appreciated by the companies they choose to support. One of the most influential areas of marketing is designing customer relationship strategies. Many companies spend their energy attracting and capturing leads — which is very important, but what happens next? Customer experience plays a crucial role in transforming customers into loyal fans or even evangelists. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges for […]


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