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The Importance of Corporate Culture

Culture is Important Corporate culture is becoming increasingly important in the war for talent and retention at companies of all types around the world. Corporate culture is the personality of a company and it can’t be faked. Brand & Mortar has a great corporate culture which is one of the reasons I enjoy working here and the main reason I even applied. When the call went out for a new social media community manager besides all the regular daily duties and qualifications, something stood out over any other job I was applying for, and that was a brief insight into […]


Let’s Talk About Mental Illness

On January 28, Bell Canada will launch their fifth annual Let’s Talk campaign. Using social media as its focus, the Let’s Talk campaign has been classified as a “virtual event,” where Canadians can text, tweet, call or share   campaign specific content in order to raise money and awareness for mental health and mental health related issues. For every campaign related text, tweet, call or share that is made on January 28, Bell Canada has pledged to donate $0.05.   Bell Canada aims to legitimize mental illness   Bell Canada created this campaign back in 2011 to help bring awareness to […]


How to Stay Active at Work

Sitting is the New Smoking If you think about it most white collar jobs require you to sit down at a desk for around 8 hours a day, and that’s not even including overtime hours and commuting. A growing number of evidence suggests that sitting is an independent risk factor for poor health and premature death. Those who have a desk job have in general become less active and are at risk of obesity and other health issues. That is a daunting fact to think about when it comes to your career. Being tied to a desk, rather than being […]


5 Reasons Why Your Resume Is Getting Ignored

So you’ve applied for tons of marketing and advertising jobs and you aren’t getting any callbacks. Instead of being discouraged, try revamping your resume by avoiding these five common mistakes.


How to disconnect from technology

The average smartphone user checks their phone 6 times an hour, which, not surprisingly, makes them feel distracted and overwhelmed. With 84% of smartphone users claiming they could not go a single day without their device, it is safe to say that most people are addicted to their devices, and would feel naked without their gadgets buzzing all the time. Maybe it’s  time to disconnect from the digital world these holidays as a way to reconnect with people and places around you. Here are 4 tips to disconnect from your always-on lifestyle during the holidays: 1. You are off work, […]


10 Tips to Ace Your Next Job Interview

Let’s face it, interviews are weird. They’re uncomfortable, awkward, inorganic meetings with a lot of pressure attached to them. If you’re a recent graduate, like myself, then you know these feelings all too well. Interviews suck, but they’re an inevitable and necessary part of adult life and – believe it or not – they can work to build your confidence, too. From my experience as a millennial in the job market, I’ve come up with 10 tips that cover everything you need to know to ace your next job interview. Do your research Before your interview always research the company […]



I have recently finished a book called A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. This is basically a spiritual guide to discover the freedom and happiness of a life lived in the “now”. This is the first book I have read in a while. I usually start reading a book and stop half way through because I have forgotten what happened. That didn’t happen with this book. I could hardly put it down. I usually read on the train, coming home from work. Everyday I couldn’t wait to read more. I have learned quite a bit from this book. Some things […]


The Road to Enlightenment

I like to stay inspired, learning what I can about the world. It’s been an experience continuing to open my eyes more and more, uncovering more about the purpose of life. Of my influences, Russell Brand is one person among many who serves as a valued voice speaking of the injustices that have been plaguing the world from wealth inequality to political corruption. Many who are deeply intertwined and interested solely in pop culture know very little about the problems the facing our world today. People are focusing on their social media status or famous people who sing songs about money and getting girls, […]


“When I Stop Struggling, I Float; It’s the Law.”

We all struggle with the endless ups and downs of life; it’s human nature to isolate ourselves and think we’re alone in our experiences. Doing your best to stay positive is something certainly easier said than done. Certain events in life may bring forth negative thinking patterns that, when given the right opportunity, can wreak havoc on our lives. Reflection is great and healthy, however worrying too much about the past or the future can lead to negative emotions and thoughts. We might find that as soon as one bad thing happens, we associate it with other negative feelings and […]


My Perspective on Life & The World

For my weekly blogs, I’d rather talk about what’s happened in my life and what’s going on in the universe. Every time I do, I feel like reader’s have no idea where my head is, like I’m crazy or something. From my point of view, most people think that life is nothing but what they see in front of them; ‘what you see is what you get’. Black and white. I refuse to accept that belief and point of view (respectfully, of course), because I know there’s more under the surface of every experience and opportunity; to every facet of […]


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