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Content Marketing
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Good news travels fast

Businesses benefit greatly from providing audiences with value-added content. A well-developed content marketing plan delivers content to audiences at the right place and time. Strategic release of educational articles, e-books, video, podcasts and other engaging forms of content offer audiences a unique way to engage with your business.

Content Strategy & Creation • Press Release Writing and Distribution • Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Executing a strong email marketing strategy will keep your audience engaged and up to date with current or trending business information. Demonstrating a unique personal connection, email marketing can increase sales and generate loyalty. Promotions, event information, customer follow-ups, and more are all part of a well-planned email marketing strategy.

Media Relations

Our team of public relations experts can organize, facilitate, and connect your brand with important media outlets giving your brand the opportunity to communicate your message to the largest audience possible.

Press Releases + Media Kits

You’ve got an announcement to make and people need to hear about it. A well designed press release can go a long way. Published in the press and capturing media attention a press release presents the most important details about your new announcement in a tightly controlled medium. A media kit containing prepared images assists these outlets, making your story more enticing than others.

Strategic Partnerships

You don’t have to do it alone. Some of the most successful campaigns in history are built through strategic partnerships. Finding and connecting with the perfect fit can be a difficult task, but we make it easy. Our years of networking have created strong relationships with some of the country’s top brands. Your next strategic partnership is just a phone call away.

Spokesperson Services

Sometimes creative copy isn’t enough and you have to put a face to the brand. When spokesperson services are required, we dive deep into our growing list of experienced public representatives to provide you with the best brand fit possible. Whether they are speaking publicly at a press announcement or media appearance, or being featured in advertisements, we can match you with the perfect fit.

Media Launch Events

Hosting a launch event for your latest consumer product? We can build a comprehensive media guestlist to attend your event. Get the media coverage your well planned event deserves and guarantee you make the biggest splash possible.

Crisis Communications

Things don’t always go as planned. When s*!# hits the fan you need to know you have a team in your corner that is prepared and experienced to respond to emergencies under pressure. Preparation is key, having processes and safeguards in place to alert you when a potential crisis is on the horizon can often stop any emergency before it become a problem. We can put this structure into place and manage messaging when times are tough.

Communications Audit

Do you already have a communications plan in place? Our team of experts can take a look under the hood and determine if your system requires any updates. Just like the most experience computer technicians, we can easily identify problems and offer easy solutions. The change may be small, but the difference will be big.

Influencer Engagement

Influencers are the latest and hottest marketing trend on the market. Influencers allow brands to reach dedicated and often hyper niche communities providing incredible returns on investment. Our partnerships with some of the largest influencer agencies in North America makes building influencer relationships easy. It could be an Instagram post, a branded YouTube video, or sponsored post, the options are endless.

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With growing global concerns around COVID-19, the health and safety of our employees and clients is top of mind. Brand & Mortar services will remain open while our team works remotely until further notice. We want to assure our trusted clients that business will remain unchanged while we do our part to #FlattenTheCurve.

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