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Graphic Design Trends For 2018

2018 will be a year of modernizing graphic design trends from the past and the flat designs we have seen in the recent years. Here are 3 Trends we think will have a large impact on Graphic Design in 2018.


We have now been living in the world of responsive design for a decade. Only now some of the big name brands are introducing what the industry is calling a responsive logo.  The responsive logo will be used across different mediums in order to keep readability and still be brand recognizable to the users eye.

Now obviously for newer brands this cause some branding conflicts as if your brand is not known enough to stat removing pieces of it to create the smallest versions we would be viewing on mobile phones and tablets. If the responsive logos are initially introduced, their viewers will connect with the different irritations of the logo, as they will most likely be viewing the brand on multiple platforms. Designers need to take in consideration when asked to do a logo, make sure to ask the right questions. Make sure you know where the logo is being used or will be used in the future and design based on where it will live.


We will be seeing more shadows and textures come into play in 2018. Gradients and shadows help the user to determine visual hierarchy and the call to actions on screen. Digitally we deal with a lot of flat designs, which we get no appeal, and no realism from. It makes it harder for us to connect. By adding in shadows and gradient textures to our designs, we are drawing in to the visual eye and drawing the user into what they are looking at.


We are going to be seeing typography that is bigger, bolder, and better. You will be seeing more artistic effects with huge headlines. Helvetica-inspired sans serif fonts will be dominating the digital world come the New Year. But we will also be seeing more decorative and handmade fonts coming into play. We will begin to see designer pushing the limits of typography both digitally and in print. They will be pushing boundaries with kerning, alignment, and using images over text to create more texture.  This will bring light to our users eye, as this is not what they are used to seeing in everyday advertising.


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