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How to Create Effective Video Ads for Toronto Marketing Firms & Small Businesses

As digital media continues to advance over time, this has led to a significant increase in the types of interactive content we see online. From VR to infographics, designers are stepping up their marketing game by leveling up their designs with creativity. The use of video marketing has been adopted by many small businesses and Toronto marketing firms across all sorts of industries, and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, more than 50% of consumers like to see video content from brands, according to a report from Hubspot Research.

Simply scrolling through texts of content just isn’t enough to keep viewers enticed anymore, and many marketing agencies in Toronto are starting to put more emphasis on their video marketing strategies as a way to make the most out of this effective trend. Let’s take a deeper look into how Toronto marketing agencies and small businesses can amp up their video marketing strategy with effective video ads.


Tips for Toronto Marketing Firms & Small Businesses On Making Effective Video Ads

1.   Plan Out the Story & Message You Want to Send Out

Every video advertisement should have a purpose, or else there wouldn’t be a point for Toronto marketing firms to even create a video advertisement in the first place. Think about what the main message you want to send across to your audience, and how your video ad can effectively incorporate that message into a story. In the end, your video should be able to have a main message that calls to action, compelling your viewers to do something after being influenced by your video. This can include:

  • Making a purchase
  • Signing up for a newsletter or subscription
  • Sharing the video online
  • And more

Toronto marketing agencies and small businesses should aim to make an impact with their video ads, and this is mostly demonstrated through call to actions. If a viewer is moved and influenced enough to take action and do something after watching a video ad, then you know your video ad is effective. Put careful thought and strategy into your video script, as the results will most likely perform better through a proper storyboard process as opposed to improvising.


2.   The First Few Seconds Are Crucial for Toronto Marketing Firms

We all know how easy it is to grab attention from audiences; when you think about it, how many videos and other forms of content have you scrolled past without even looking back? The beginning of every video is critical, as it is essentially what grabs the viewer’s attention and pressure is put on how to keep them engaged so that they continue to watch the rest of the video. The last thing any Toronto marketing firm wants is for a viewer to click away after just watching a few seconds, which indicates that the video ad just isn’t interesting enough for the audience to continue. Essentially, you want to hit the audience with a punch within the first few seconds as a way to grab attention. Some pointers for Toronto marketing firms:

  • Start your video with a statement; you want to hook your audience with something they can relate to, whether it be by addressing a common concern, asking a question, sharing a fact, etc.
  • Begin your video ad with great visuals; as many of you know, some videos are automatically set on mute when they start playing, so add some interesting visuals that will spark interest and grab attention even when there’s no audio playing

While it may seem like an intense feat to accomplish given the limits and time constraints, this makes it all the more challenging and pushes you to get creative while thinking outside the box.


3.   Different Types of Videos From Toronto Marketing Agencies

Depending on the main message you want to send across to your audience, it’s also important for Toronto marketing agencies and small businesses to offer a variety of different types of video ads. Releasing the same type of video each time can quickly become boring and repetitive, as no one will want to watch the same types of videos with similar content. Kick it up a notch and change up the type of video format you use from time-to-time so that your target audience doesn’t expect the same thing each time. Some examples below include:

  • Interviews
  • Live videos
  • Product demonstrations & reviews
  • Educational explainers/lectures

These types of video formats can be engaging, informative, and appealing for viewers while keeping their attention span focused. Content can be presented in all sorts of fun and creative ways, but Toronto marketing agencies should ensure that the type of video format also matches with the main message.


4.   Choosing the Right Platforms for Toronto Marketing Agencies

When it comes to presenting your video ads, it’s important to know which social platform is right for you. For example, if the target audience of a Toronto marketing agency isn’t really active on a social platform such as Vimeo, then publishing a video ad on that platform won’t produce satisfying results. Video hosting issues aren’t something any marketing agency in Toronto wants to deal with, so it’s best to do your research on where your target audience is most active and which online platform would be best for showcasing videos.

When you first think about a video hosting platform, the first one that comes to mind is most likely YouTube. While many brands and creators have found success in this video platform, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will produce the same successful results for Toronto marketing agencies. Small businesses and marketing firms in Toronto may actually find better results on Facebook, as many businesses have already established their brand on this platform with other content. Every month, Facebook racks up 1.25 billion viewers from videos and advertisements, which many marketers can take advantage of. All in all, take a look at your target audience and see which platform is most likely to drive more engagement and viewers for your video ads.



Overall, Toronto marketing agencies should aim to make their video ads as engaging and enticing as possible. Accessibility is also key, where all video ads should be mobile-friendly as well as include captions. As video marketing continues to increase in popularity, it’s time for marketing agencies in Toronto and small businesses to amp up their game with great video content creation, as it will prove to be one of the major ways to connect with audiences and viewers. Even a 10-second video ad can mean a lot, as it gives viewers a brief glimpse on what your business is all about, which in turn can lead to conversions for long-term results.


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