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Maintaining a Clean Workspace and Why It’s Important

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Is Your Workspace an Organized Mess? 

You might hear messy people say that their mess is ‘organized.’ A workspace might look organized to that particular person, but the rest of the office might not be on the same page.

It’s important to keep your workspace organized – not only for yourself – but to keep the office looking presentable at all times. Clients or prospective clients might be wandering the halls at anytime and if your office space is messy – you can really affect the initial impression you have with that company or client.

A clean, productive workspace is what you want. Open concept offices are also great for people to bounce ideas off of one another and a clean office really contributes to this dynamic environment.


Photo cred: @diyhoard

A More Productive Work Environment 

Productivity is largely influenced by a person’s office environment as well. If you have candy wrappers, cell phones, magazines or food lying around – it can really distract you from your task at hand. If a task is monotonous at times, a messy workspace becomes even more distracting. The goal is to focus and zone in on your specific day-to-day duties.

Once an office is clean, a client or customer should be able to walk in at anytime and enjoy their experience in the space. People trust cleanliness. A person is more likely to do business with you or buy into your business if you appear to be a neat and organized person. If your office is neat, you likely handle your business efficiently and affectively as well.


Photo cred: @luxtiness

So keep your office clean to enhance productivity, impress the customer or client and enjoy your healthy, organized workspace. You will make your co-workers happy and you might even see the results after a few compliments from your boss!


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