The Rise of the GIF

By September 17, 2015Social Media

On Twitter you need to constantly find ways to make your posts stand out. Think of your Twitter feed for a moment, and it will become clear why. The constant stream of content is often overwhelming, and there is no chance that every tweet can be read in any individual’s feed. What you need is something to catch the eye of this scroll-addict. Images are good. The right picture will catch the attention of a user. Couple this with some good copy, and you might just have an engagement on your hands.

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So what is better than a photo? Many photos strung together and played in quick succession, it’s so obvious! Incase my overly wordy description confused you, what I’m talking about is video. And what is better than a full-length video? A gif. Gif’s have become a cultural touchstone. They have become a way of communication that requires no words. If an image is worth 1000 words, one could say a gif is worth at least 10000; it’s simple math. Gifs are often a byproduct of popular culture and represent a sort of social currency. Using the right gif at the right moment demonstrates a cultural literacy that is important to establishing a relatable brand, and lets be honest, when it comes down to it, they are enjoyable. They can provide a quick laugh and the auto-play function on Twitter makes them stand out of a busy feed. So next time you are about to compose a tweet and are considering which image to use, maybe consider the alternative, gif it a little thought (alright, I apologize for that)–it could just be the thing you need to stand out.

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