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Website Design Toronto Trends for 2020

More UI candy with less load time

New libraries like Vue, Ember, and React are blurring the line between website and native application. People’s expectations for readily available, instantly responsive online experiences have been, in part, driven by faster internet speeds and more powerful smartphones. The result, websites now offload a lot of the heavy lifting to the device. Since our devices are doing most of the work, we no longer have to wait for the webserver to process information and return a result. Instead, our devices are processing the data and sending the result to the server. This role reversal makes the experience feel much faster and allows websites to serve more users at once without crashing.

Asymmetry website designs

Most websites follow a rigorous grid layout because that’s the way the page is naturally structured. There’s a growing trend to break free of the grid and use an asymmetrical design to stand out.

When putting together an asymmetrical website design layout, you must plan content carefully. Most people prefer content that is orderly and easy to follow. In other words, if you have a lot of content, using an asymmetrical design can lead to chaotic content flow.

Less is more

Material design has been around since Google first introduced it several years ago, and when Apple moved away from the skeuomorphic design. When it comes to website design, the content has always been king. That means the design is based on the content, and not the other way around. For anyone who’s ever worked with a website template, you’ll know that once you start removing or modifying the content, the once beautiful design starts to look a little less beautiful and can sometimes even look awful. This phenomenon really illustrates how the content and design can’t be separated. Now thanks to material design,  there’s less of a focus on “design”, so there are fewer distractions and more focus on content from a design perspective.

Voice controls

Voice controls are in our homes, but what about on our website? From an accessibility standpoint, voice control is a great way to help people navigate a website. However, this doesn’t apply only to those with a disability. While driving or cooking, voice control can help users navigate websites and jump to the right content when they are unable to use their hands. This added convenience allows websites to become gateways to ambient technology – technology which sits in the background and seamlessly allows us to interact with it.


Performance has always been an essential part of web design trends, and that’s not changing in 2020. One of the most significant performance bottlenecks for websites is images. Combined with a demand for more visually rich websites and higher screen resolutions, images are increasing in size and numbers. Scalable vector graphics (SVG) combine small size and high quality, allowing Toronto website designers to deliver sharp, crisp graphics to users on all devices without sacrificing speed. This can often provide better performance vs jpg or png images.


Chatbots have been around for several years, but with recent advancements in AI and machine learning, they have become more useful to users and require less experience for businesses that wish to make their widespread use grow in 2020. This next-generation of chatbots can help you complete an order or registration, or restore access to an online account. Improved natural language processing also means chatbots are becoming more human-like, natural and enjoyable to use

Digital Illustrations 

Custom illustrations add life to a web page and help convey your message quickly and clearly. While it takes some talent to become a professional illustrator, tablets make drawing easy and fun. Tablets are a great tool for hand-drawn illustrations which can be highly details or less refined – either style can be used as part of your website. Another popular illustration style is 3d or isometric. Isometric designs are more difficult to draw but add a lot of depth and realism to your page, blurring the lines of the digital and real work. If you’re considering using illustrations for your next website redesign project, plan out what your illustrations you need and make sure they compliment your copy to drive home a point – custom illustrations can be pricey, so be choosey with what you need.


Video has been a popular medium for many years, but thanks to widespread high-speed internet and LTE/5G, data constraints have become less of a concern allowing the video to be used more predominately on websites. Video hero’s, in particular, will be popular in 2020 – allowing websites to showcase products, services and benefits in compelling, easy to understand ways. Mobile videos, shot in vertical orientation will also be more popular as website owners catering more and more to mobile users.




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