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jordan shea

Founder & CEO


Jordan Shea

Originally from Newfoundland, I set sail from the safe harbor at a young age. I hold several degrees from Canadian and Russian institutions, and you’ll probably mistake me for my identical twin brother sooner or later. When I’m not spying for the KGB, I can usually be found in a gym or making a delicious pot of Borscht for the team.

After working for several government agencies, I found my true passion in brand marketing; transforming start-ups into leading brands, crunching data and developing new products for the world’s largest sports nutrition company. When I couldn’t find the digital agency I was looking for, I decided to start one.

Brand & Mortar is a place where real people gather, laugh, collaborate and create experiences for people that want to remember how it once felt to do something they truly believe in. I believe in transparency and handshakes. Don’t be surprised if I extend my hand every time we meet.


lael reiken

Accounts Director


Lael Reiken

Born and raised in Toronto. I grew up in a family of 4 boys. Needless to say, it was a very competitive, loud and energetic household. Being the 3rd out of 4 sons has helped me learn how to stand out, be heard and compete all the time. This has helped and hindered me throughout my life. My competitive nature leads me to any challenge be it physical or mental.

After going to Brock University and Niagara College, I spent 20 years in the hospitality industry building brands and teams alike. Throughout my career, I have managed and forged many great relationships that are still strong to this day. Leading and helping people is a passion I look forward to every day.


andre havro

Senior Digital Marketing Manager & Strategist


Andre Havro

I opened my first business at age fourteen when I saw an opportunity to repair my friends' surf-boards. In 1996, when nobody thought of digital interactivity, I founded one of the first digital agencies in Brazil. During this period, I won several awards and the recognition of the second largest agency in the country. Years later, I decided to sell my interest and migrate to the offline world. After working with several analog agencies, I was recruited to the client side by Sony, Brazil. After six years of working with this great, global brand, I decided to migrate to Canada. I am still learning to accept winter.

Being part of the Brand & Mortar team reminds me of the pioneering days of my early career where I had to think outside the box to deliver the results that customers needed to grow their brands and their businesses. B&M believes in happy clients and happy people. Despite the snow, I’m so glad to be a part of this great team.


anh truong

Senior Web Application Developer


Anh Truong

I am an IT professional formally training in Corporate Finance. I started programming when I was 15 years old and decided to go to business school to learn how the business world works. After completing my degree I used my business knowledge and programming skills to help companies improve their business processes by leveraging technology.

I believe that communication and feedback are key to finding solutions to all problems. The IT industry has become a passion of mine, and Brand & Mortar is a place where I'm able to masterfully execute projects.

Brand & Mortar is simply a team of motived and positive industry professionals.

alexandra aylott

Creative Director


Alexandra Aylott

I grew up just outside of Toronto, and attended Durham College, where I studied Advertising and fell in love with everything graphic design. I later attended The Academy of Design Institute of Technology at The Toronto Film School, where I studied graphic design and interactive media. What got me through my years of studying was playing soccer and curling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and an action movie.

Graphic design plays a role in virtually every industry. The challenge was deciding which industry I wanted to be part of. I wanted to see what they all had to offer. I’ve worked in small agencies, big agencies, in house marketing departments and spent some time freelancing. Along the way, I discovered that I prefer to be part of a team rather than work as a lone wolf like Bruce Willis in Die Hard.

At B&M, I encourage our graphic designers to push the boundaries of their craft. We have a great team here. Maybe someday, we’ll take over an airport together.


connor titmarsh

Digital Strategist & Community Manager


Connor Titmarsh

Originally from Thornhill, I studied at Western University, graduating from the Media, Information, and Technoculture before returning to Toronto. When not reading a book, I’m likely listening to music. When not listening to music, I’m often playing video games.

An early internship in digital marketing at The Second City sparked my interest in the industry. Since then, helping brands develop distinct online voices and providing them with unique campaign concepts has been my passion.

Brand & Mortar allows me to experiment and refine my brand marketing skills in a constantly shifting environment. It’s great to be part of a fantastic team that works collaboratively and truly does care about delivering the best results for our clients.


laura coronell

Graphic Designer


Laura Coronell

I was born in Colombia, partly raised in Florida and now living in Toronto. When I’m not busy moving around I love to design. I went to Sheridan College for a one year Art Fundamentals program which after finishing made me realized graphic design was the field I wanted to go into. With this in mind, I enrolled and completed Seneca College’s Graphic Design program. I started my career off in production and print design but soon after decided to expand my horizons and branch out into the world of digital.

At Brand & Mortar, I’ve worked on a wide scope of projects from web design to dynamic ads to video production. It’s a testament that when it comes to this agency, we really do it all!

julian frank

Digital Marketing Manager


Julian Frank

I am a born and raised Torontonian. I have a BA from Western University in Media, Information, and Technoculture and a Master’s in Digital Media from Ryerson University.

I am a jack of all trades and a master of digital media. I’ve run my own media production company, where I’ve shot music videos, weddings, concert photography, graphic design and much more. I also have a passion for music production and playing guitar— I have created and released 7 albums over the years as well as collaborated with a number of other artists around the world.

At B&M, I play a diverse role as Social Media Marketing Manager, being strategic and analytical but also a creative problem solver. I enjoy synthesizing solutions to challenging problems for my clients and ultimately, providing a service of value that improves their business.

deborah farlow

Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager


Deborah Farlow

Born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I moved often and experienced a vast number of countries and cultures. One constant in my childhood was literature. I was often spotted with a book in my hand regardless of the travel destination. After immigrating to Canada and studying literature at the University of Toronto, I became increasingly curious about the art of storytelling and its impact across the globe. With a graduate degree in copywriting and a one-way ticket to NYC, my professional goal to tackle advertising in all of its “Mad Men” glory was definitely reached.

I am delighted to be back in Canada and am grateful for the opportunity to grow with Brand & Mortar. I am proud to be a part of a community that encourages my knack for meaningful messaging in the form of copywriting, digital marketing, and social media communication. If you can’t find me at the office, I am likely galavanting around the city uncovering hidden gems or tucked away at home baking, cooking and reading.

adrian chung

Web Developer


Adrian Chung

I grew up in Scarborough and studied at the University of Toronto. As a tinkerer at heart, I have always been interested in figuring out how to make things function. I have been coding since my early high school days and I plan to continue learning for as long as I can. What originally started as a hobby soon turned to freelance and now I look to hone my craft by building unique and efficient applications. When I am not on the computer, you can find me playing the piano or watching the Leafs.

Brand & Mortar is a great environment to develop my skills. I am excited to tackle the challenges I am presented every day and I know that I have a strong team behind me to support my endeavors.

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