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Meet Our Team

Brand & Mortar is a team of customer driven experts and visionaries in the digital marketing space. Be it brand development, web development, social media management, content marketing, graphic design, or photography & videography, Brand & Mortar is leading the way in North America.

Jordan Shea


Originally from Newfoundland, I set sail from safe harbor at a young age. I hold several degrees from Canadian and Russian institutions and you’ll probably mistake me for my identical twin brother sooner or later. When I’m not spying for the KGB, I can usually be found in a gym or making a delicious pot of Borshch for the team.

After working for several government agencies, I found my true passion in brand marketing; transforming start-ups into leading brands, crunching data and developing new products for the world’s largest sports nutrition company.

Brand & Mortar is a place where real people gather, laugh, collaborate and create experiences for people that want to remember how it once felt to do something they truly believe in.

Jay Reyes


Born in the subcontinent (FYI: Indians don’t dress up in excessive outfits everyday, sir `{`Trudeau`}`, not even in Bollywood), and grew up in the largest borough of NYC – Queens, home of many prominent figures: Joey and Johnny Ramone, Tony Bennet, 50 Cent – oh, and Donald Trump; but ultimately anchoring in Toronto; well-before the infamous moniker: The Six. I miss T.Dot…

I consider myself infectious, and yet rarely sick; infinitely curious, a perpetual learner, dot connector, and foe of the obvious, I am a problem solver at heart – thriving in a collaborative environment where “The Idea” reigns supreme.

A battle-tested Communications pro (graduated from Humber College with a Public Relations Degree), I have deep experience across several disciplines including PR, digital, integrated marketing, experiential and design.

Valued for a “planner’s lens” to problem solving, I am driven to uncover deep fundamental truths about consumers and brands – and have effectively launched integrated campaigns for such clients: J&J, P&G, Staples Canada, TIFF, Mylan Inc., Imperial Tobacco, Fix Auto, among others.

Fueled by an insatiable appetite for culture, human behavior and technology, I am passionate about people and building client partnerships that endure – and know the value of relationships, trust and taking risks.

Brand and Mortar isn’t your – atypical – limp-wristed, pinch-mouthed, hoity-toity creatives; it is rather a cut-to-the-chase, hard-working, roll-up-the-sleeves, ‘I bust my butt because I love it’ collective.

Alex Aylott


I grew up just outside of Toronto, I travelled a tad bit east to attend Durham College where I studied Advertising and fell in love with everything about Graphic Design. I later attended The Academy of Design Institute of Technology, at The Toronto Film School where I studied Graphic Design and Interactive Media. What got me through my years of studying was playing soccer and curling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and an action pack film.

Graphic design can be a part of many industries, finding which industry I wanted to be in was the tough part. I wanted to see what they all had to offer. I worked in small agencies, big industries, in house, as well as spent some time freelancing. Along my way I discovered that I like working closely with teams in smaller boutique agencies.

I love that Brand & Mortar is a small agency with a large focus on many aspect of design in both the digital and print world. Their team is dedicated to providing the best support and top-notch work to all their clients.

Connor Titmarsh


Originally from Thornhill, I’ve been taking the subway for years. I studied at Western University, graduating from the Media, Information, and Technoculture program. When not reading a book, I’m likely listening to music. When not listening to music, I’m playing video games. Sometimes I do all three at once, trust me, it’s possible.

An early internship in digital marketing at The Second City sparked my interest in the industry. Since then, helping brands develop distinct online voices has always been an interest.

Brand & Mortar allows me to experiment and develop my digital marketing skills while being a part of a great team.

Andre Havro


I opened my first business at age 14 when I saw the opportunity to make minor repairs to my friends' surfboards. In 1996, when nobody thought of digital interactivity, I founded one of the first digital agencies in Brazil. During this period, I won several prizes and the recognition of second best agency in the country in 2002. Years later, I decided to sell my part and migrate to the offline world. After going through several agencies, I decided to move to the client side and started work at Sony Brasil. It was six years of passion and hard work to help the company reach the odd fourth world position in sales.

Being part of the Brand & Mortar team reminds me of pioneering times early in my career, where I had to think outside the box to deliver the fantastic results that customers need to run their businesses. B&M is the kind of agency that you wake up happy to come to work on Monday.

``You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.``
- Walt Disney

Connor Walker


Hamilton is where I was forged. I am the oldest of three, and with that being said, I’m a natural born leader (seriously, I was first!).

After going to McMaster University and Mohawk college in Hamilton, I came to Toronto. I arrived knowing that it would be full of opportunities and great thinkers. Working with small businesses to corporate companies, I found that at the end of the day it comes down to one thing, relationships. I found my calling connecting and networking with business owners bringing them value through my natural gift of telling their story.

When I’m not biz developing, you can find me in the gym, listening to podcasts, reading, exploring the city, or catching a flight to somewhere exciting.

Brand & Mortar is a community of creative, driven individuals that focus on delivering value first. Every day I am learning, meeting challenges and refining my skills.

George Kobakov


In west Bulgaria I was born and raised. In the hay fields is where I spent most of my days.

Okay okay… I know, not very original but actually quite true. I came to Canada when I was 9. Fresh off the plane and with a crewcut to match, I was ready to take on whats ahead…. my first time trying pizza!

Needless to say, the years since were filled with new experiences. From graduating York University in Political Science & Business, to opening my first tech startup, to now working with this talented and driven group of people. Life here has been full of amazing moments!

Being part of Brand and Mortar and having the opportunity to impact growth and scale the business has me very thrilled for whats ahead. Nothing better to work for a company that focuses humanizing brands and putting relationships ahead of transactions.

Fernando Martinez


Born and raised in Toronto, I love the city and can’t imagine living anywhere else. I do, however, wish to visit my home country Peru someday. If I’m not binge-watching The Office for the 6th time, I am focusing on building a stronger portfolio.

I attended Centennial College right after high-school and enrolled in the Advertising & Marketing Communications Program. I knew right away the creative stream had my heart when I was introduced to copywriting and social media marketing courses. I love challenging my creative mind; it keeps me on edge.

Working at Brand & Mortar allows me to not only challenge my creative mind but also teaches me something valuable every day. The creativity and talent behind this agency are amazing, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Anh Truong


I am an IT professional born and raised in Pakistan. I started my career as a desktop and web developer in 2003, while studying at the university. After completing my degree I moved to Montreal, Canada where I have worked for various different companies.

I believe that communication and feedback are key to finding solutions to problems in programming. The IT industry has always been a passion of mine, and Brand & Mortar is a place where I’m able to masterfully execute projects.

Brand & Mortar is simply a team of motived and positive industry professionals.