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Why Every Toronto Marketing Agency Should Implement LinkedIn Marketing

As you probably already know by now, LinkedIn is one of the most widely known networking platforms in the digital age. Initially known for professionals and job hunters, many companies and organizations are building an online presence through their own LinkedIn profile as well. Aside from growing your own personal network and making connections with others, LinkedIn has also become an effective tool for brand marketing in Toronto.

With the platform frequently being known as a place to grow and expand your professional network, you can expect a different type of audience as opposed to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For many Toronto marketing firms, this comes as an advantage for growing business. When done the right way, you’ll find that you may reach more audiences and gain more leads to conversions. Check out some useful tips for LinkedIn marketing that every social media agency in Toronto should be implementing to expand their audience!

Tips to Making the Most Out of Brand Marketing in Toronto

Toronto Social Media Agencies & Making Connections to Target Customers & Clients

The beauty of LinkedIn is the efficiency of connecting with professionals and clients from all around. This makes networking easier with just one simple click. From small businesses to larger branded businesses, LinkedIn can be beneficial for providing opportunities of collaboration between brands and professionals. The filtering system also makes it easier for companies to narrow down on specific target audiences, with filters including:

  • Geographic location
  • Seniority level
  • Current companies
  • Number of connections
  • Years of experience
  • And more

Connecting with target customers and clients is a great way to expand your Toronto marketing agency’s audience. As more connections are made on your brand’s network, your presence grows and the awareness revolving around your company grows as well.

Boost Toronto Brand Marketing With Sponsored Updates

If you’ve ever received messages or updates from an established brand that you aren’t following, then you’ve most likely already experienced receiving sponsored updates. Sponsored updates help push a brand’s post to make it known on a LinkedIn user’s feed, even if the LinkedIn user isn’t following the brand. Sponsored updates can be a great way for a social media agency in Toronto to gain more brand exposure and even introduce themselves to potential clients who fit in the company’s desired target audience. Often, sponsored updates are meant to be thought-provoking and promotes a strong call-to-action targeting a niche audience.

Expand Your Marketing Agency in Toronto by Growing Your Email List

Since many individuals don’t like to be spammed with emails in their inbox, it’s important for brands to incorporate personalization into their content. Stray away from the generic, baseless emails that others will just move to their Junk inbox and craft a personal message through LinkedIn InMail for connections to invite them to sign up for email newsletters. With LinkedIn making it so easy to make connections, it shouldn’t take long before you get even 100 sign ups within a day. Of course, be detailed and let your connections know what they can get from signing up for your email list. Connections want high-quality content that will benefit them, not the general spam that you so often get from typical Toronto marketing firms.

Every Toronto Marketing Company Needs High-Quality Content

It goes without saying that every marketing company in Toronto should be creating high-quality content. It’s essentially what attracts target audiences and encourages them to take action. The goal of Toronto brand marketing is to create value, so ensure that your content is high-quality and memorable to leave a lasting impact. High-quality content helps make social media marketing agencies in Toronto appear more established and more likely to develop a stronger, dedicated following from target audiences.

Increase Presence of Social Media Marketing Firms in Toronto With Consistency

Every social media marketing agency in Toronto wants to be known, so it’s important to stay on top of your clients’ feed. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to post 10 times a day, it’s best to keep it consistent when uploading content. Have a fixed and regular schedule for posting, and keep it balanced so that you aren’t overwhelming clients’ feed but also not forgotten. Stay in touch with connections and be social! Engage in discussions so that you give off the impression of being responsive, collaborative, and easy to approach; all great qualities of what a good social media marketing firm in Toronto should be.

Make Toronto Brand Marketing Exclusive With Groups

Aside from making connections and staying active on public posts, consider joining groups of similar industries as well as making your own! Brands and companies that make their own groups give the feeling of exclusivity, and is also a great way to stay on top of news and updates that are happening in the industry with like-minded individuals. Joining groups and staying active is especially helpful for small businesses, as it gives the opportunity to interact with others and learn, while also getting insight on how they can improve their own brand.


Just like with every social media platform, LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected and gain new followers in your target audience. Building relationships is an important part of building a brand following for every company, so it’s a no-brainer that every social media marketing firm in Toronto should put themselves out there on social media platforms so that consumers can truly get a feel of your brand and connect.


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