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Why This Toronto Marketing Firm Is Like No Other

In the world of top-class business, Toronto marketing firm Brand & Mortar strives to deliver game-changing results from their contributions to clients. Agile, communicative, and driven, our full-service agency adapts to any client’s needs and we make it happen using the combined talents of our professional team. While first headquartered in Toronto since 2011, Brand & Mortar wasn’t just a marketing firm in Toronto anymore, as it eventually expanded its offices to San Diego as well. With cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas, this award-winning agency has years of experience in working on brand development that clients can trust. But what exactly does this entail to?


Marketing Using Variety


There are many different ways to grow your business, including but not limited to:

  • Web design
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Pay per click
  • Video production

While many companies may have a grasp on the main idea of these concepts, this Toronto marketing firm kicks it up a notch and goes into more depth in these areas in order to truly bring these companies’ brands to life.


Web Design

With everything being digital and online these days, having a website is crucial for every brand. Having a website helps establish authenticity and acts as a storefront for a brand’s business. More often than not when we seek more information about a company, the first thing we do is look them up online and head over to the company’s official website to gain more information. It’s fairly easy to set up a website, and any company can do it. However, it takes an expert to make a website engaging, informative, yet still represent the brand’s mission and style. This is where a Toronto marketing firm like Brand & Mortar comes in. With a team of professionals in the design industry, Brand & Mortar helps clients give their audiences the best user experience they can deliver for high engagement and traffic. Having a website isn’t just about showing off a beautiful landing page; it has to convert. Our agency works hard to make your website the go-to hotspot for your business, with high conversion rates and responsive interactivity for both desktop and mobile.


Social Media

It’s no surprise that we live in a society where everything revolves around social media. In fact, if your business doesn’t have a strong online presence, chances are, it won’t thrive and last long. It’s not enough to simply have accounts on different social media platforms. There are certain tricks to reaching out to your target audience and increasing engagement levels. With our expertise in social media as a leading Toronto marketing firm, we ensure that your brand is making the most out of your social media campaigns. From being on the social media platforms that best suits your brand to taking unique approaches for engaging posts, experience compelling social media campaigns like you’ve never had before.


Email Marketing

Have you ever received an email and immediately marked it as spam or even sent it to the trash? In order to reach out to target audiences and stay connected, that’s the last thing that any company wants. So what does it take to create a great email campaign? Leave it to a Toronto marketing firm like Brand & Mortar, where we have experts to help craft the perfect email newsletter, one that your target audience will actually read. We carefully implement email marketing to promote other marketing campaigns to promote and grow your business. Add value to email marketing by creating an enhanced and personalized user experience. While you want to promote your services and keep others updated on the latest news of your business, you still want to keep readers engaged and interested. Our marketing firm in Toronto helps gather information from your clients in order to create personalized email campaigns that drive increased ROI and revenue for your growing business. With creative content and visual elements, market your products and services through the use of email marketing to directly connect with target audiences and generate buzz!


Content Strategy

Let’s face it; every marketing strategy is driven mainly by content. As the foundation of media and all things digital, it’s essentially what grabs attention. In order to successfully gain leads and convert them to loyal customers, your content has to have substance. The purpose of content is to educate your audience with information that is relevant to what they’re looking for and overall increase your visibility in online search engines for a greater reach. High-quality content is essentially the key of every great successful marketing campaign, and when content is compelling, it becomes valuable and connects with the target audience. From SEO to social media strategies, content is what drives it all to success. At our marketing firm in Toronto, we make sure that your content leaves an impact for your audience, giving your brand a strong lasting impression that keeps customers coming back for more. With the right content strategy, Brand & Mortar helps build your company’s brand reputation by building trust and setting your company apart from other competitors.



With so many advertisements and search terms that exist, organic search just doesn’t cut it, which is where pay-per-click advertisements come in. Pay-per-click (PPC) is substantial when it comes to having great advertisements put up online. Every company has a budget to stick to, and knowing the ins-and-outs of the concept of pay-per-click advertisements can truly help a company rise above other competitors. Essentially, using pay-per-click strategies drive conversions to generate revenue, which is a good sign that your brand is raising more awareness. While companies set their budget, our Toronto marketing firm helps your business create multiple PPC campaigns that not only stays within your budget control, but provides great end results as more keywords are generated to save money. See the benefits that PPC campaigns can bring to your business, and watch your brand thrive with the tricks used by this marketing firm in Toronto that keeps your business at the top of the search results on Google.


Video Production

 When it comes to marketing, it’s all about the visuals. Pictures just aren’t enough to keep someone engaged, so why not spice it up with some audio and videos? Video marketing has become an important part of every platform and channel, and is great for the types of audience that don’t get engaged easily by reading content. Did you know? A report from HubSpot Research found that 54% of consumers want to see more videos from brands, more than any other form of content. That’s more than half of your target audience who may lose interest in your brand if you don’t include any type of video production in your campaigns. Luckily for you, our leading Toronto marketing firm has a team of talented creatives with the right expertise in the art of video production that will surely boost conversions and sales for your business.

While many companies may have a grasp on the main idea of these concepts, this Toronto marketing firm kicks it up a notch and goes into more depth in these areas in order to truly bring these companies’ brands to life.

Brand & Mortar is one of the leading marketing firms in Toronto that finds unique and innovative solutions for brand development. Through the use of industry concepts and creativity, Brand & Mortar is driven by results so that no challenge is too tough to handle. Helping great companies become even greater, we work with high-potential clients to help them bring out their fullest capacity. With careful strategic planning and innovative ideas, our marketing firm in Toronto elevates every brand’s journey to making a global impact. Ready to expand your network and experience the power of integrated marketing? Request a free consultation with Brand & Mortar today and start growing your business.


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