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How to Stay Active at Work

Sitting is the New Smoking

If you think about it most white collar jobs require you to sit down at a desk for around 8 hours a day, and that’s not even including overtime hours and commuting. A growing number of evidence suggests that sitting is an independent risk factor for poor health and premature death. Those who have a desk job have in general become less active and are at risk of obesity and other health issues. That is a daunting fact to think about when it comes to your career. Being tied to a desk, rather than being on your feet all day is definitely a health issue, but adding activity to your workday isn’t hard to do with items you already have at hand, and if you don’t, don’t be afraid to ask your boss, they would rather have a healthy happy employee then someone who is constantly out on sick leave.

Get Moving For Your Health

1) Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you work on the 18th floor this might not be the best idea but you can defiantly head to the stairwell for a short 10 min break and climb some stairs. Your legs and glutes will thank you later.

2) Walk across the office to talk to your colleagues instead of sending an e-mail. The short distance trips will add up over time and might even land you a new office buddy.

3) Stretch at your desk, this an easy and effective way to get your body moving. Start by stretching your arms over your head and bending from side to side. You can also move your head back and forth and roll your shoulders to relieve stress.

4) Use an exercise ball as a chair. The ball will engage your core muscles and help improve balance and flexibility, plus make your office seem more employee friendly and forward thinking.

5) Lastly if you can squeeze this one out of upper management it will only improve the longevity and overall health of everyone in the office, the treadmill desk. We don’t suggest doing sprints while you’re on the phone, but a slow walking pace with maybe even a slight incline for 15 minutes a day can add time back to your life.

It’s not easy changing your daily routine and not every one of these suggestions can be implemented, but by starting with these simple adjustments you will see your health and overall work attitude change for the better.


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