Work – That’s No Excuse!

By July 8, 2016Life

We have all heard the excuse that there is no time to work out or be active because work is keeping you busy. Let me tell you, this isn’t a valid excuse. Yes, it is acceptable to enjoy your workout classes, and going to gym; however, there are several ways to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility while at work. 

Turn Your Commute Into a Workout

Make the effort to turn your commute to work into a workout. If you are located close enough to your work try and incorporate some jogging or cycling to work. However, if your commute is longer try and park halfway and then cycle or jog the rest. Getting in exercise before work will make you feel more awake throughout the day.

Swap the Chair for a Stability Ball

Improve your balance by getting rid of your regular chair and swapping it with a stability ball. This will allow you to have better balance and it will also engage your core. This is a more active alternative than slouching in your chair all day.


Take the Stairs

I realize that the elevator saves you half the time and it’s right there when you walk in the door, but that is no excuse. Get in that extra exercise by panting up all those stairs. It is not the easier choice; however, you are more likely to see results compared to when you decide to take the elevator.

Workout at Lunch

At most offices, you are given 45 minutes – 1 hour for lunch. In this time you can go participate a short exercise class. Scope out the gyms near your office and find a place that works with your schedule. This is a great way to ensure that you get in your exercise for the day.

These are just a few ways to include exercise in your everyday work life. At the end of a workday it is normal to be exhausted and lazy. By incorporating little exercises throughout your day, you are more likely to feel energized!



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