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How to disconnect from technology

The average smartphone user checks their phone 6 times an hour, which, not surprisingly, makes them feel distracted and overwhelmed. With 84% of smartphone users claiming they could not go a single day without their device, it is safe to say that most people are addicted to their devices, and would feel naked without their gadgets buzzing all the time. Maybe it’s  time to disconnect from the digital world these holidays as a way to reconnect with people and places around you. Here are 4 tips to disconnect from your always-on lifestyle during the holidays:

1. You are off work, stick to it

You’re on holiday, so it is time to relax and reload your batteries. Use the out-of-the office setting on your office email and resist the urge to respond to emails. Also, inform your colleagues you won’t be able to respond your emails. If you value your off-hours, so will they. And, most importantly, delete your work email application form your phone for the holidays.

2. Make yourself incompatible

Plan activities during your holidays that are impossible to do with a device in your hand. Go hiking, meditate, volunteer or try a new recipe. Enjoy your holidays, plan fun activities ahead and make sure to reconnect with your friends and family.

3. Make rules and stick to them

Totally disconnecting from all technology during the holidays is probably too ambitious for most. The point is to relax and not feel like you are in withdrawal, however it is important to make rules and stick to them. You can, for example, allow yourself to read the online newspaper every morning or check your emails once a day.

4. Forget about social media

It might sound surprising that I advise you to forget about social media, but constantly refreshing your feed to see what your friends and favourite brands are doing is something you have to try to avoid when you want to disconnect. Turn off your social media notifications on your phone and connect with the people and places around you.


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