Happiness In The Workplace

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You might think that I’m writing this blog because I am unhappy with my job. I asked myself this question when I decided to write about this topic. I am very satisfied with my job and where I am at this point in my life. I’m sure like other people, I do things to keep happy and stay positive.

We all have had those horrible jobs where you are only there because of the pay cheque. My experience was at a couple of restaurants, from employment as a dishwasher. Fortunately, it was good to experience the worst of jobs at first. You gain that experience and move yourself forward. Even though you may feel like you haven’t gained anything from it, you actually have. In my perspective, you have gained strength, motivation, discipline and many other valuable traits that help you in your future employment.

All the experience I have in my past has helped me to enjoy and find purpose in my current job. But like every job, even if it’s the best job in the world; it comes with its ups and downs. During these times it is good to keep yourself positive and stay on track. Recently I have been under some pressure to make sure that I hit my deadlines and deliver on promises to clients. During these times, I try and take a couple deep breaths and relax myself to a point where I can focus and think properly. Taking one task at a time will ensure that things get done and completed properly.


All things will pass with time, no matter what. When I am under some pressure I tell myself

“This, too, will pass”.

No matter how stressed I am this always helps me relax and understand that everything will work out as long as I am putting the effort.

During times of struggle and stress, try and remember that no matter what happens you will be ok. When the day is done and you are headed home, don’t forget to keep up with the things that make you happy. Don’t let your job completely take over your life. Although you may love your job, it shouldn’t be the one thing that runs your life. Keeping up with the things you enjoy outside of your career will increase your overall happiness of everyday life.


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