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Instagram: The Guide to Insta(nt) Success

Here is some good news for all you Instagram lovers – Instagram can help boost your business. Just like any other social media platform, Instagram, which is usually used for leisurely photo sharing among friends, has the capability to enhance your brands online presence as well as create a more visual insight into your company.

There are many different strategic ways to incorporate Instagram into your company’s lifestyle.  The first step is to familiarize yourself with the latest updates, filters, setting, etc. in order to completely grasp how to properly use Instagram in the workplace. If a company can successfully create a well-known Instagram account, it will help generate traffic towards their other platforms as well. Through witty captions, well throughout bios and professional looking photographs, Instagram is guaranteed to bring you success…if you use it right.

There are three steps that are crucial to getting your company to the #InstaFamous level.

icon-1562136_960_720Mix it Up

It is important that you do not post solely business related pictures. It is crucial to plan out what you post to incorporate both office and business related content, as well as fun and humourous posts. This way you have content that satisfies all of your followers. People are more likely to follow a company when they can have a well-balanced Instagram page of many different topics. The best way to organize yourself is to create a content calendar to make sure all your posts vary in theme. As long as it is entertaining and well thought out, you are on your way to having a great Instagram presence.

Create a Theme

Before you even post your first picture, it is important to establish a theme that you want your Instagram feed to possess. The lighting, filter, and brightness are all necessary things to consider before creating your company’s Instagram account. Also, by creating a colour scheme, you are guaranteeing consistency, and it also allows your feed to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Link All Social Media Platforms

The smartest thing you can do on any social media platform, is find ways to link all your different social media platforms together. Companies usually achieve this by creating Instagram contests. Once a month a contest is held to show appreciation towards loyal followers and to promote the brand. Having something that followers can look forward to each month increases engagement and interaction between the company and its followers. By creating contests, you have the power to decide the contest rules. Usually, it is smart to engage followers on all social media accounts. For example, to enter the contest, they will have to share content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as follow the company on all social media platforms. This is not only a great way to connect with loyal customers, but it is also a way to create online brand awareness.

These basics are the important factors to consider before creating an Instagram account for your company. Make sure your Instagram feed represents the culture of your company and allows customers to have more insight into what you do in the office.



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