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My Perspective on Life & The World

For my weekly blogs, I’d rather talk about what’s happened in my life and what’s going on in the universe. Every time I do, I feel like reader’s have no idea where my head is, like I’m crazy or something. From my point of view, most people think that life is nothing but what they see in front of them; ‘what you see is what you get’. Black and white. I refuse to accept that belief and point of view (respectfully, of course), because I know there’s more under the surface of every experience and opportunity; to every facet of life.

Life is so much more than what we get to see each day. So many people do things in this day and age without thinking; without first understanding the consequences of their actions and being able to accept they play a part in their own mistakes. Countless oil spills and wars could have been avoided had we simply just worked together and stopped closing our minds to new ideas, focusing solely on ourselves. We take the Earth and perhaps life for granted. Living each day like you have a thousand more to go. There’s nothing more precious than life itself, so why are we intent on living in the now? Why aren’t we looking to the future, preserving the world for our children and their children?

What is life? What is reality? These are questions we may never understand, but while we have the time to find out as much as possible about the world around us, I think it’s a good idea to keep our minds open. There are so many different theories of life and human existence and how we can improve ourselves. It’s a pretty uneducated to only believe in one point of view when the possibilities of life are endless.

Yes there might be a God. Or, there may very well not be. I’ve always told myself to keep an open mind and take all possibilities into account. Show respect towards all ways of life and beliefs. Never judge no matter the situation.

I wish I could do something to help change peoples minds about disrespecting the people of the world, no matter their religions or their ways of life. There’s no reason to start wars or show disrespect towards another country’s beliefs because you disagree with their traditions. You may never know; whatever they believe may happen to be reality. How are we to know?

Until you get the perspective of whole world and how other people live, there’s no reason to be so confident that our ways are the only ones. What makes us so sure we’re ‘enlightened’? Well, I believe it’s all about the human condition, something in itself that’s confusing enough.

My goal in life is to travel the world, to go to every nook and cranny. I want to literally see every country and how they live, learning from them because each of their experiences are different. This planet we call home is so expansive and mysterious; there’s so much we can’t see, and that’s because of both the size of the Earth and the plethora of experiences and viewpoints amongst various cultures. I’m going to travel and keep travelling until I’ve seen the perspective of the entire world in front of me. Every person on this Earth should get the opportunity to do the same. We are all equal. We are all brothers and sisters. Keep an open mind; life will surprise you if you do.


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