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How Often Should I Post to My Blog?

Blogging isn’t for everyone, which is exactly why it’s turned into a service where businesses pay agencies and freelancers to manage their network for them. Bloggers, content creators, writers, storytellers, copy artists: they’re called many things by many different people, but those who offer blogging services, either independently or as part of an agency, are great researchers and writers above all.

Not sure what message to send to your audience? Good bloggers can summarize your business goals, strengths, tone and more, establishing a solid foundation for your brand online. They’re indispensable, but the importance of blogs for both business and personal use still goes unappreciated.

But hopefully you’ve been educated and told that maintaining a blog is a good idea for establishing a digital presence. If you’re unsure how often to post to your blog (regardless if you’re managing it or not), you’ve come to the right place. Our blogging service can set you on the path to a great digital presence with a SEO foundation and followers who love your content. If you have some blog ideas but don’t know how often to post, keep reading.

Blogging for someone who doesn’t do it often can feel more of a chore than an accomplishment. Blogs usually take so long to impact SEO that some businesses don’t even bother to update regularly. So what are they missing out on? Why shouldn’t you just turn to your current digital strategy? Your blog is a place to start conversation. It’s a resource that could make businesses standout as an influencer in their field. It’s a channel to provide value and meaning to their potential customers and clients.

It would be a mistake not to blog, especially on a consistent schedule. I’m not talking about posting at the exact same minute each and every week, but rather how much you post a month. What’re the best practices? Well, if you can create content you actually find interesting to write about (which I suggest you do, as your audience will be more enthralled with you writing), I would recommend at least one post every week. That amounts to about four a month, which is actually pretty considerable; depending on the quality of your writing, it might take you an hour to create a strong blog post. It may take you significantly longer, and that’s okay. Keeping to a schedule will help make creating posts easier by helping you set aside time to actually get around to making them.

A post a week will likely improve your SEO less than putting out two or three a week, but that doesn’t mean you should give up and not bother posting if your competitors are creating content left and right. Quality content trumps quantity any day of the week these days, and SEO algorithms are only improving, highlighting the importance honest content instead of vast legions of poor, unoptimized copy. Also, SEO is only part of the story; blogging can bring you more traffic if shared and linked across the internet, increasing your fanbase and helping others ascribe value to your brand. This is why blogging is invaluable to businesses in this day and age: blogs (with properly crafted content optimized for your audience) that offer value are useful in their own sense, and in the everyday world, value is actually worth something.

You want more customers? You want more people to care about your brand? Offer them something each and every week; offer them something useful they can take home and improve their businesses and their lives. Keep them coming back. Keep them interested, and they’ll never forget you.


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