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6 Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses & Toronto Marketing Firms

As many industries become more competitive with new innovations and concepts, more and more people are bringing their ideas to life by launching their own businesses. Often, small businesses turn to Toronto marketing agencies to help them increase brand awareness and reach target audiences by implementing marketing strategies. When it comes to small local businesses, more specific marketing strategies are required as they don’t have as big of an audience compared to larger businesses, which is where Toronto marketing firms come into the picture. This article will recap some common marketing strategies that Toronto marketing agencies use to help market small local businesses.


Types of Marketing Strategies from Toronto Marketing Agencies

1.   Toronto Marketing Agencies Using Website Design

It goes without saying that every business should have their own official website, whether they’re a small local business or a large corporation. Having a website makes your brand appear more established and professional, and it is likely to be the first place potential leads can find out more about your business. Many marketing agencies in Toronto specialize in professional website design services, where they can help small businesses create stunning websites that are also SEO-optimized so that the business’s visibility is increased for Google ranking.


2.   Start a Blog!

Easy to do and cost-efficient, it’s a great idea for small businesses to start a blog for their brand. Blogging can help generate organic reach, and is effective in making your brand appear more personal. For consumers who are still unfamiliar with the brand and unsure about what they have to offer, a blog is an effective method to showcase how much extensive knowledge the brand possesses about their own products/services and the industry. Blog article services can also be provided by Toronto marketing agencies, and like website designs, are carefully set up for SEO optimization.


3.   Social Media Services from Toronto Marketing Firms

By now, we all know the power that social media has in today’s modern society. It’s essentially the primary way that people discover new brands and businesses, which is why small local businesses should use this to their advantage. Toronto marketing firms can offer social media services including content creation, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, community management, and more. Having an online presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram don’t just make the brand appear more established and official, but also opens up a gateway into reaching target audiences and growing conversions. Social media platforms provide measurable results and small businesses should take this as an opportunity to become more engaging and interactive with consumers to drive interest.


4.   Develop Branding with Toronto Marketing Agencies

In order to lead a successful business that you’re confident and proud of, there needs to be a lot of thought when it comes to developing your brand. Branding is extremely important for all businesses, as it basically showcases what your brand represents. According to a Facebook study, up to 77% of people are loyal to brands. You may have an idea on what your business does and the services it offers, but branding dives much deeper than that. Three elements included in branding are:


  • Brand – the emotion perceived from your business as a whole
  • Identity – a compilation of visual aspects that make up your brand
  • Logo – a symbol that represents your company


There are a few challenges you’ll come across when it comes to developing your brand, and a marketing agency in Toronto can help you create it all. Toronto marketing firms can help small businesses develop and promote their brand while keeping it consistent, which increases the likeliness of attracting more consumers.


5.   Referrals Are Your Best Friend

Whether it’s through influencer outreach or the old traditional method of word-of-mouth, it’s quite easy to spark interest and generate new leads through referrals. In fact, many small businesses take this opportunity by offering something in return to their current client base, whether it be offering discounts, free products, and more. Your current consumers are already loyal to your brand, and they can easily encourage family, friends, and peers to check out your service as they will be more trusting with someone they are already familiar with. For this reason, higher conversion rates are more likely to happen through referral leads.


6.   Implement Email Marketing with Toronto Marketing Firms

There are many benefits to email marketing, especially for small local businesses. With consumers spending 138% more on products through email as opposed to those that don’t receive email offers from businesses, there’s a reason as to why email marketing is so effective. Email marketing allows businesses to get implement personalization with newsletters and outreach emails, where they can be tailored to the consumers’ interests and personal details (eg. email addresses the consumer’s name directly, or sending out a birthday email with an exclusive discount). Consumers love personalization, and email marketing allows this to build stronger bonds between the consumer and the business. Aside from social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, email is an extremely popular method of communication for many. Most people check their emails several times a day, whether it be for business purposes or checking newsletters from subscription-based services. Toronto marketing firms may implement email marketing as a way to improve metrics through streamlining an email marketing strategy. Through this method, consumers can receive emails that are relative to them as they stay updated and informed on new products or announcements, without being bombarded with emails that they’ll just move to their junk box. Also, implementing email marketing with a Toronto marketing agency can really make your money count, as email marketing has a high ROI (return on investment) due to how inexpensive the service is.


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