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I have recently finished a book called A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. This is basically a spiritual guide to discover the freedom and happiness of a life lived in the “now”. This is the first book I have read in a while. I usually start reading a book and stop half way through because I have forgotten what happened. That didn’t happen with this book. I could hardly put it down. I usually read on the train, coming home from work. Everyday I couldn’t wait to read more. I have learned quite a bit from this book. Some things ill have to read again but others I understood pretty well. One of the best things I took from this book was about enthusiasm. Let me explain.

“Enthusiasm means there is a deep enjoyment in what you do plus the added element of a goal or a vision that you work toward. When you add a goal to the enjoyment of what you do, the energy-field or vibration frequency changes. ” -Eckhart Tolle

This basically means there is a huge amount of intensity and commitment behind the work you are putting in. But also being completely happy and stress free while doing it. It actually may appear from another person’s point of view that you are under stress. With this amount of enthusiasm it is the total apposite. If you enjoy something enough to put a huge amount of enthusiasm to it, the creative levels increase and the stress always diminishes.

Ralph Waldo once said,

“Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm”.

Enthusiasm comes from a goal or vision you are working toward with a huge sense of enjoyment. This urges you to do better and create the best of your ability. Remaining fixed on your goal will help align you with the completion you are looking for.

There are many types of goals that you may want to accomplish. Any is good, as long as you are not looking to completely change yourself and work towards an unrealistic image of yourself. This is where the ego is working to empower you. At this point it is most likely that this goal will never be achieved and unhappiness settles in. Goals should be dynamic. Not to only benefit yourself but to help benefit other people.

The second you start to be more enthusiastic about something you will tend to enjoy the journey more and end up in a better place. A warm sensation will come upon you and urge you to keep moving forward. Of course you have to like what you are doing but no matter what it is, enthusiasm will help to reach a better accomplishment.

Throughout this journey remember to take each moment at a time and live in the “now”. This is hard because the future is always right around the corner. By living this way will help ensure a better future because you are so focused on the present moment.

I have learned a lot and some I do not fully understand but if I put the right amount of effort and enthusiasm into the learning process. It will help make sure I do understand life and what it offers.


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