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Understanding the Basics of Hero-Hygiene-Hub Content for Marketing Firms in Toronto

As more brands and Toronto marketing firms continue to emerge in today’s industries, the competition between brands only continues to rise as well. These days, it’s simply not enough for brands to just get noticed; it’s much more complex than that. From getting discovered by new potential customers to creating engaging content that stands out, marketing firms in Toronto have to step up their game when working on brand awareness, as basic marketing strategies just don’t cut it anymore. This is where the concept of hero content comes in for marketing firms in Toronto as they work towards growing brands. 

The 3 Types of Content

What is Hero Content?

A strategy developed by Google and Youtube back in 2014, this innovative new strategy was introduced in the “YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands,” a guide that was designed to help brand creators with their content. To put it in simple terms, hero content is essentially a major brand activity that has a mass effect on a large audience, where it is exceptionally appealing and stands out as it becomes more exposed. With that being said, this also means that a lot of time, effort, and costs go into production from Toronto marketing firms in order for it to not only be high-quality, but make an impact. Common types of hero content that you may have come across from Toronto marketing firms include major adverts, viral media, competitions, etc. 

With hero content focusing on reaching out to promote brand awareness, it’s important for marketing firms in Toronto to incorporate this strategy in marketing. Not only does it increase the drive for creating content that makes an impact, but it also allows Toronto marketing firms to have room for creativity and push out innovative ideas. Typically, hero content makes an impact by being inspiring and emotional, while also being shareable and watchable for audience viewers to stay engaged and enticed. While users don’t purposely search for these types of content, the mass audience it develops allows it to be presented and watched regardless through social sharing by peers, following the concept of trending. 

What is Hygiene Content?

Often referred to as “Help,” hygiene content helps brands and marketing firms in Toronto acquire new followers and customers. From how-to guides to tutorials, hygiene content is informative and is meant to help consumers solve a problem that they currently face, or learn something new (hence, the nickname “help content”). 

Hygiene content exists in a variety of forms, such as articles, tutorial videos, infographics, and more. As opposed to hero content, hygiene content doesn’t cost much for Toronto marketing firms. So long as the information is correct and informative, it can be deemed helpful for others. It’s important that when creating hygiene content, marketing firms in Toronto should ensure that the content possesses correct information, while also being easy to follow and understand for users. 

Of course, quality is still important, which is why marketing firms in Toronto should also make sure that tutorials and guides created are professional and concise. When creating tutorials and guides in the form of written posts or video, marketing firms in Toronto must ensure that the quality is still there. This includes ensuring high-quality audio, great thumbnails, and consideration of length for audience members with short attention spans. 

What is Hub Content?

Finally, the last part of the strategy is hub content. Hub content is simply about creating and providing new content for your existing followers and customers who already know your brand and seek more from you. This is like how you may be subscribed to a Youtube Creator that you like, and are subscribed because you like their content and want to see more of it. 

Users can access hub content after discovering your hero content, and from here on is where hub content gets produced once the users become interested in your work. Typically, hub content from creators and marketing firms in Toronto release content on a scheduled basis as a way to produce series for users to follow through. 

Implementing Hero-Hygiene-Hub Content for Marketing Firms in Toronto

With these three pillars being the main types of content that we see from brands and Toronto marketing firms, it’s important to know which type of content works best for you. Not all three types of content have to be used by brands and Toronto marketing firms. What’s important is that Toronto marketing firms implement what works and fits with their brand in order to make the most out of it for creating a bigger effect. 

The category that brands and Toronto marketing firms fall in all depends on your brand’s expertise and what your consumers want to see. In order to make an impact with lasting effects, ensure that you analyze your brand and marketing firm in Toronto as you work towards implementing these three various forms of content. 


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