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Value added content marketing

Change is constant in the world of content marketing. The last decade has indeed witnessed a lot of change due to the ever-growing landscape of social media. With the demand for engaging and authentic content at an all-time high, the importance of quality assets is prevalent and certainly where social media is heading.


Short-Form Videos

Using short-form videos is a vital strategy to leverage new capabilities and reach specific demographics. With the rise of Instagram Stories in 2016 and, more recently, TikTok, the power of short-form videos, particularly resonates with millennials and Generation Z audiences. Lighthearted, interactive media is growing in popularity because it enables more in-depth conversational messaging. Explore short-form video content is undoubtedly entertaining and requires minimal effort from the audience.

Early adopters of this type of content include the NFL signing a two-year contract with TikTok. The account has accrued over 2.5 million followers and 60 million likes.



As social media platforms continue to evolve, so does activism and social purpose. Utilizing a platform to deliver an important message enables notable voices to be heard more quickly by a typically hard to reach audiences. Activism can be achieved with ease due to influencer popularity and universal appeal while maintaining authenticity and positivity.

Social responsibility is a topic that consumers are paying close attention to, especially when choosing a brand to trust. According to studies, 40% of consumers seek purposeful and credible brands that have society interest in mind; and 71% of American millennials hope companies will take the lead on social issues and get involved in a conversation they consider valuable.

As issues like environmental preservation, sustainability, and human rights are at the forefront of consumer concerns when evaluating online purchases, we can begin to expect brands to launch initiatives. In doing so, brands need to ensure activism can be made public and aligns with core brand identity; otherwise, the effort will appear disingenuous and turn customers away.



In 2019, a study had shown over 51% of the US population listened to podcasts, and 80% of this group appeared to have listened to all or most of each episode (an average of 7 shows per week). This growing trend exists seamlessly with an abundance of podcast streaming services readily available, as well as support from existing music streaming platforms.

According to Spotify, podcast audiences grew by over 50% in 2019 from 2018. While celebrities typically host most of the bigger name shows, we see more brands, even those lesser-known, getting into the medium through producing content and advertisement opportunities. Companies you may not expect to have a podcast, like eBay, are using this medium to boost brand identity by discussing topics relevant to their sectors. The popularity of podcasts appears to be increasing rapidly and show no signs of slowing down. Podcast content is the perfect listening and entertainment source while engaging in activities that require visibility such as driving, commuting on public transit, cooking, cleaning and much more.


Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy is not as widespread as other forms of content marketing, and it can provide a positive impression of a company. Brands that use this strategy encourage staff to share experiences, allowing the audience to attach a personality to the brand. This tactic can also promote talent acquisition. On the other hand, this strategy may not work for all brands as unwilling employees may come off as disingenuous. Regardless, this growing trend of employee advocacy will most likely continue to be a marketing strategy to help humanize a brand and display the utmost transparency.

Content marketing can take the shape of virtually any digital message across all platforms regardless of medium. Whether you invest in influencer marketing, email marketing, or specific short-form videos on a variety of social media platforms, it is apparent businesses benefit from providing value-added content. A well-developed content marketing plan delivers content to audiences in the right place and time. With a strategic release of interactive, pleasurable and informative content, organic audience growth and an increase in engagement is an authentic result worth pursuing in business.


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