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Visual Social Media Tools For Brand Development

The spaces of brand development, social media, and marketing are overlapping more and more as brands turn to the use of online tools and digital resources to help better reach clients and potential customers. If you’re looking for some tools that act as strong marketing tools or customer discovery resources, but also tie in a social media element to better align yourself in the social space, we’ve found 3 really interesting products.



Where better a place to promote your brand identity driven on social media than at your own business? Although the concept seems strange at first, businesses such as cafes or retail stores would benefit from reinforced brand indemnity within their stores. Not from their own mouths, but the mouths and fingers of their own clients and customers.

Zoomph has created an impressive platform that utilizes this concept. Imagine walking into your favorite café and spotting a new TV or monitor hanging on the wall with tastefully designed content rotating back and forth. Pictures of employee teambuilding events, photos of employees working at a food shelter or charity drive, and quotes and impressions of the café colourfully interwoven into a fluid mosaic. It doesn’t need to be said that the technology behind this is extremely effective in building a better connection to perspective and current customers. And because it works through Chromecast (a HDMI dongle made by Google to stream apps and media to your TV), it is extreme easy to operate; from your phone or by laptop, Zoomph has the ability to bring your social media strength at any location where you can fit a TV.

Zoomph is only one example of how social media is becoming visually visceral instead of text/content heavy, moving from our phones and computers to billboards, advertisements (all those hashtags!), TV, and other untraditional forms.



Larger brands such as Coke, Starbucks, Dove, and Apple each have undeniably strong branding; it’s hard to go through a day without recognizing popular brands, be it on TV, advertisements, posters, or just about anywhere else marketers and advertisers have access to. And because social media has continued to become more focused on providing images and eye-catching media, it’s become more and more important for brands to find tools that allow them to monitor both traditional content (text, mostly) AND images to see how users are talking about their products.

But how do you search photos? Tags, perhaps, but many users don’t tag content or make it easily sortable. You could look manually, but the wealth of images online, be it from Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook, are endless, and there is no chance you’ll catch all situations where your branding has been captured in a selfie, group shot, or elsewhere.

This is where Ditto comes in. Their search algorithm unique sorts through massive amounts of data from select networks, captures any logo similar to your own, and gives your businesses the ability to interact with users across various networks. You can find brand influencers, find connections to other brands, and understand the wants and needs of your customer base through detailed analytics.


Cvent SocialWall

Similar to Zoomph, Cvent SocialWall is a solution for events of all sizes. SocialWall pulls images from Twitter and Instagram from various feeds and organizes them in real time. The goal is to curate whats going on at your event live, stream images of past events, or even pull images to do with various topics or keywords. Just like Zoomph, the templates are customizable and come with different animations and allow you to filter content; this allows you to restrict some types of content, but not others. It can even be embedded onto a webpage on your website, much like RebelMouse or other curating tools.

Most examples of SocialWall seem to be used with a projector on a wall or large surface, but regardless of how you use it, it seems to be a potential homerun for businesses and event planners hoping to advertise products, acknowledge sponsors, and promote the event and others like it.




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