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Kick-Starting Your Following on Instagram

Organic growth is great. It can take time but if feels good. You can see easily how your hard work is translating into results, even if it is just a new follower or two a day. The likes pile up, and each feels like an accomplishment. Wow! People really like my photo, but your voice only reaches so many people. But how would you kick start things? On Instagram, the importance of influencers can’t be undersold. You may have 1000 followers, but there are people out there who may have 14,000 or anywhere above or below. The point is you can expand your reach by utilizing these influencers.

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First, find somebody in your industry who you think exemplifies your brand, has a following you would like to target, or simply has a voice people listen to. Take a look at their engagement rate, how many likes is each photo getting–do they have an active comment section? Next you will want to send them a message, be polite, express your interest in their account, and maybe even compliment them. You’re trying to convince them to share your content, or potentially shout-out to your account. You’re creating a partnership so you may need to offer them something in return. For example, maybe you are selling t-shirts. You recently started a clothing line and you would like to get the word out. There are a number of prominent fashion bloggers on Instagram that you know would be perfect for your brand, if they were to be seen wearing your clothing. Send one of these people a message; offer to send them a shirt if they will post it to their account, something along these lines. Remember, your followers already like your brand, you want to convince new followers that they should, utilizing influencers is the perfect way to do this.

Author: Connor Titmarsh


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