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By November 26, 2014Learning, Web Development

Working with big projects requires a lot of back end coding and editing. While trying to stay on a time schedule and meet deadlines, it is good to utilize the best resources you have. There are a lot of different code editors that help blend the visual aspect of a website and the backend together. Utilizing these applications help speed up the process of coding and get the job done.

Here are some popular code editors that many web designers use today:

  • Sublime Text
  • Brackets
  • Github Atom
  • PHP Storm
  • Notepad++
  • Netbeans


Many of these have their own unique features to help the coding process. Code editors such as Brackets are written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. If you are comfortable with coding and building websites, using this software would be very helpful to make the best of your ability. These programs organize all code into one page. That means no more switching back and forth between pages and wasting valuable time to get work done. It is also extremely easy to live preview your work and make quick edits to get the end product you are looking for.

Getting the Job Done

As your projects get bigger and take more time to complete using something like Git will help with versioning and processing the backend material. This gives you the design view and code at the same time. Unlike WordPress where you are forced to switch back and forth to preview your work. There is a lot of extra bloat in these programs so by using these code editors will help get the job done much easier. Another plus is most of these programs are free, and made by Adobe.


I am still getting to know these programs. But as bigger projects come my way I am looking to use programs such as these to help with the workload. Efficiency and effective programing is the best way to accomplish what you’re looking for in a project. I am looking forward to utilizing these types of programs. Expanding my skills set and getting web sites completed faster. If you have any other ways to improve your code editing, please share I would love to know.


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