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How to Use Social Media During the Holidays

The holiday season is a great time for people of all backgrounds, ages and cultures to get together and celebrate family, friends and tradition (alright, and buy your products, of course). As a business, it can be difficult to optimize your advertising strategy let alone your social media campaigns aimed at pulling in customers and generating buzz for the extremely lucrative holidays. How do you get more eyes on your business and create more brand awareness?

Following these tips won’t just get more social media users to your website, stores or other sales hubs; they’ll ensure your fans and new followers know you’ve got some of the holiday spirit in you, too.

Sprinkle Some Christmas Magic on Your Ads

Your ads are one of the first components of your digital campaign you should alter for the holidays. Putting a bit of a spin on your advertising won’t only warm up viewers of your ads, they’ll let your audience know your a brand that’s current, fun and thinking of them when you push out your latest campaign. This doesn’t just mean adding Santa’s and Frosty’s to your social ads; we’re talking about integrating the colour scheme, using playful language and using smart inferences to your niche.

Focus on the Customs of Your Audience

If your audience is mainly Jewish, for example, you’re less likely to be on message if you’re using a rather specific Christmas oriented voice. It’s all in style of your message; using location-centric tools to find your audience across networks and be sure to speak properly to your choice audience. Not everyone during the holiday season is celebrating Christmas; be mindful of this fact and promote multiple holidays if you’d like, or even play it safe and speak to the festivities of the winter season. It’s not too early to mention sales or promotions for the New Year, as well, so take this time to speak to the time of year.

Aggregate Holiday Oriented Content

Social networks like Pinterest are great places to collect and share holiday content, from recipes to DIY to crafts and more. The holidays are a time for sharing and creating memories together, and making use of visually oriented networks can help communicate to users that your brand is interested in the same interesting, fun and family-oriented content. As we like to tell our clients, plain old copy is too boring to capture the spirit and imagination of the season, so take pictures of your products or simply share content on a consistent basis that’s appealing, shareable and festive.

Keep Up-to-Date on Holiday Hashtags

Instagram, Google+, Twitter and Facebook are all well known for their hashtags that help users find relevant information on their interests.

  • #Holiday(s)
  • #Xmas
  • #Christmas
  • #Santa
  • #Gifts
  • #MerryChristmas
  • #HappyHolidays

There are many more, but these are the most relevant hashtags at the moment that speak to western Christmas in its current form. As users collaborate and create new hashtag campaigns themselves, the landscape will undoubtedly change, however these are safe choices for any network you might attempt to frequent.




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