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5 Influential Design Trends of 2016/2017


Flat design is not necessarily a new trend as the style first originated from the retro logos of the 1940s to 1960s. Flat design has resurfaced recently and is definitely a hot trend that’s been dominating. The simplicity of flat design allows for even simple colours and shapes to become striking, bold and vibrant identities using very few streamlined elements. Big players such as Microsoft, Apple, and MasterCard have also transitioned from their 3D logos of the 2000s to a more simple flat designs that are fresh and minimal. A huge reason for the revival of flat design is because of the shift towards responsive design and universal compatibility with all devices. Flat design allows for logos to scale very well on print or digital devices and in colour or grayscale.


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Logo designs in the past couple years have had progressively less and less colour. Simple colour palettes are trending and it actually creates the sense of more colour when used correctly. Minimalism has been a huge trend in many areas of design from interior design to web design. The idea is to use few colours and simple lines to emphasize and influence your customer’s focus. A great example is on e-commerce sites: a minimalist design that features black text and a stunning image grid with quality photos will really be able to draw your customers to focus on the products and nothing else. Minimalism shouldn’t be simple for the sake of simplicity though, it should always reflect practicality and have purpose behind it.

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You’ve probably seen an influx of line art logos in food & coffee industry logos in recent years. Typically these logos are made up of monolines, which are single thin lines (typically consistent in thickness) that make up the design. Monoline logos can be simple word marks or have icons and imagery throughout; often playing up the balance and negative space. These types of logos tend to feel clean, honest, and gives a sense of artisans craftiness. Line art logos are a refreshing break from the past trends of 3D gradients of the previous decade.

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Modern retro and handmade logos combines the flat design trends of today with the iconic shapes and styles of older vintage logos. This is a fresh take on a traditional style but what’s important is that it still brings feelings of nostalgia. Modern retro moves moves away from trending minimalists and utilitarian styles but in return this design style becomes very bold and striking in appearance, guaranteed to catch attention and leave a lasting impression. Modern retro and handmade logos add a personal touch, authenticity and speaks of honesty with a certain charm.

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Dynamic logos have been used throughout the years, so it’s not completely new in the design world. However – this trend only works if done well and done correctly. The idea is that a logo can change regularly whether it is in colour, size, substrate, etc., while still being instantly recognizable as one identity. One key component of a dynamic logo is that it must have a recurring theme in order to be iconic and recognizable.

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