Top Digital Trends For 2018

2017 was quite an eventful year for the digital industry. We’ve noticed over the last few months that user experience (UX), data and analytics have proven themselves as big players in the business landscape. As we get back to our offices after the winter holidays, we’re taking a look at upcoming digital transformations for 2018.

“Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.”
–Bill Gates


As our mobile devices become more powerful and social apps seamlessly integrate with augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), live videos and 360-degree videos, brands will use these technologies to better engage with their consumers.

AR, VR and 360-degree videos bridge the gap between online and in-store experiences, while increasing conversion rates and reducing purchase times. Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, live streaming is 100 percent accessible for anyone.

From a business perspective, these immersive technologies are an excellent way to connect with customers and to express the more human side of a brand by broadcasting interviews, Q&A’s, behind-the-scenes video content and live events.

Here you can see a great way to connect your costumers with your brand through virtual reality:

Audi – Enter Sandbox


Snap’s first year as a company hasn’t exactly gone to plan, with increased pressure due to disappointing financial results and a fierce competition from Facebook. Still, Snapchat has continued to prove that it’s a leader in innovation, adding a range of new tools to advance their offering.

The ephemeral content platform has shown that it’s willing to take risks where rivals may be less inclined, which will be key in helping the company stay one step ahead. This year we are expecting an app redesign, Spectacles version 2.0, more augmented reality content, an improved search tool, animated bitmojis and much more. There’s plenty of room for growth!

Check out how McDonalds Australia used Snapchat in 2017 to connect with its target audience:

McDonald’s – Snaplications


In 2018, AI will go from newbie to mainstream, with everyone from toddlers to seniors using Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and customer service chatbots. On the business side there is also a huge margin to keep surprising, connecting, and communicating with customers in ways they may not even realize.

So much power remains in AI, in everything from customer service, robotics, analytics and marketing, to smart homes, voice search, gesture-based automation and new forms of display. This digital revolution will include faster, cheaper, and smarter automation of everything from emails and content generation to industrial manufacturing.

Don’t miss one of the most awarded advertising campaigns of 2017. Artificial intelligence and advertising together thanks to:

Burger King – Google Home of The Whopper

“Art challenges technology. Technology inspires the art.”
–John Lasseter

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