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CRUSH Your Quotas With High-Performance Sales Copywriting!

Business owners: you’ve likely been in agony over a project – hunched, over-caffeinated and underslept at some point because you’re struggling to fill a page, product description or email with captivating words.

You’re not alone and should never stress over empty page syndrome. 

Today we’re focusing on copywriting and how Toronto marketing firms use it to drive sales.

But what is copywriting?

Copywriting is the craft of producing text or speech for advertising or marketing materials. It aims to persuade a person or audience to take a particular action or create a favourable opinion on a brand.

Copy contributes to various products, including advertisements, web pages, brand names, articles, podcasts, and video scripts.

A professional copywriter pens every word with purpose. Their understanding of your audience’s feelings are second to none – and they leverage audience expectations to make an offer as enticing as possible.

Our copywriters encourage readers to close a deal by harnessing the following tested methods and techniques.


5 ways our copywriters boost your sales


1. By proposing an irresistible offer

The premise of all high-converting copywriting is an irresistible offer that captivates readers and alleviates purchase apprehension. Therefore, we implement four specific stages to help ensure your copy elicits a response.

Attention: We grab the attention of your prospect with a headline that is specific, catchy and communicates the value of what’s to come.

Interest: Next, we spark interest by writing a question to the reader, a description of the problem/solution or a personal story.

Desire: After hooking your reader, we explain how your product or service benefits your reader. This could be through short paragraphs, bullet points, or even in conjunction with visual elements such as infographics.

Action: After you’ve impressed your reader, we decide the best step for them to take – such as making a purchase, filling out a form or requesting a demonstration.


2. We align benefits with emotional needs

Copywriters know to depict product value from a logical and emotional perspective.

Consider financial services. An offering may yield a certain return or insure your belongings – but what does this truly mean? A copywriter will translate these functions into a greater good – such as obtaining passive income, safeguarding your loved ones or financial protection if misfortunes occur.


3. By alluring your audience with specifics 

Copywriters are masters of research – and they leverage fine details to your advantage.

Being specific sets you apart from your crowd and reassures your audience. Let’s revisit a financial firm. Instead of stating they manage ‘the funds of hardworking Canadians’, they can state an exact number such as ‘100,000+ Canadians’ – and continue by noting the “30,000 million dollars in assets they manage.’

Without fine details, you’re left saying your products are “the best quality” or “highly advanced” – without reasons to justify why.


4. We use a conversational tone

Toronto ad agencies teach writers to write as they talk. A conversational tone makes it easier to connect with your readers.

We make your messaging easy to understand through the following:

  • By diving sections of copy into bullet points (like this)
  • Writing short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Using subheadings to divide long copy.
  • Leaving adequate white space on the page.
  • Emphasizing important words through bolds and italics.

To develop a conversational tone, we sit down and interview clients. Our writers ask them about their desired outcomes, company values and product descriptions. Asking these questions allows copy to be written with a straightforward tone and concise language!

5. By harnessing data and satisfaction stories

If you have data – charts, graphs and numbers – these will demonstrate why something works and how it benefits the end-user.

Testimonials from satisfied clients hold equal value. Consider a service such as Tidal. When it was new, consumers were skeptical. However, when users commended “the vast audio library” and the “unparalleled sound quality,” these vows helped concrete Tidal as a dependable streaming service.

Copywriters take data and testimonials a step further – they know to harness them when depicting a benefit. For example, if a writer conveys Tidal’s “uncompressed audio format,” they would relay back to testimonials praising Tidal’s sound quality.

Leave the rest to us

Now that you understand the value of copywriting, we’ll do the rest. We are Brand & Mortar – A Toronto digital marketing agency with 12 years of experience. We can take your copywriting a step further by implementing search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics to track its success. 

Reach out for a free consultation – we can assess your brand voice, company values and much more to craft high-performing sales copy!


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