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Articles With Authority: 5 Ways Content Writing Grows Your Business

Nearly every modern business requires a web strategy to depict their competitive advantages – otherwise, your potential customers and clients will seek help elsewhere. Are you thinking of hiring a Toronto marketing firm to help elevate your web presence? Then consider asking them for content writing services. Read on and discover how content writing can boost sales, educate your audience and establish your brand as a thought leader.

But what is content writing?

Content writing is text produced for websites to help satisfy digital marketing objectives. Its general application is towards blogs and articles but can also include scripts for videos or podcasts, or writing for platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.

Modern consumers are largely irritated and distrustful of advertisements. However, content writing acts contrarily: it focuses on driving sales and building loyalty by educating your audience and resolving their pain points.

So, how will content writing benefit my business?


1. Increased conversion rates

Content writing is an essential component of your sales funnel. Some articles may be focused on those who’ve purchased your product – addressing how to use your goods or finding new applications for them. Other articles can focus on specific data, unique characteristics and brand comparisons to win over a potential customer.

Therefore, as you regularly post content, readers begin seeing your business as trustworthy – forming the necessary bonds required to purchase from your brand.


2. Articles make life easier for your sales & service reps

Your representatives already have stressful and demanding jobs. They’re specialized in closing deals and onboarding new clients – and feel overwhelmed having to educate people on simple product features or service requirements.

Content writing helps alleviate buyer apprehension while saving your team time. For example, your website can feature a series of instructional articles that help your audience make buying decisions. You may even anticipate further questions and provide linkbacks to relevant articles. From here, your reps can focus on their core intentions: driving sales, building relationships and negotiating contracts!


3. Content is easily adapted for social media use and retargeting

Social media is crucial for any online sales funnel – and it works in perfect harmony with content writing.

For example, let’s say a vegan food store writes an article, ‘7 sources of COMPLETE vegan proteins.’ From here, they could create an Instagram carousel that provides a teaser to view the article. Other modifications can include swipe-ups, short videos and polls to see the types of information your audience craves.

Your e-commerce strategy can take a similar approach.

For example, let’s say someone visits your article on complete vegan proteins. From here, you can set up targeted display ads featuring your products from the article. Those interested in complete vegan proteins are highly likely to buy your product – so why not make their purchasing decisions as effortless as possible?


4. Content writing boosts your search engine ranking

Google loves content. The company prioritizes websites that provide users with the most relevant information they’re looking for. Therefore, high-quality articles are pivotal for your rankings.

Working with a digital marketing agency in Toronto is a sure-fire way to boost your Google rankings. They’ll identify the search words your audience uses and infuse them into high-quality articles that address user questions and pain points.


5. Content writing helps automate sales

Good articles unify those mentioned above: they inform your audience, depict how your product makes life easier, allow for retargeting and boost your search engine rankings.

Anytime a customer views your content, you’ve generated a prospective lead for your business – potentially saving your sales team many hours of cold calling.

Now that you see how content writing can transform your business, leave the rest to us. We are Brand & Mortar, a top Toronto marketing agency. Over ten years of successful digital marketing experience make us your trusted source for writing and measuring content that educates your audience and sharpens your sales funnel.

Reach out for a free consultation, and we’ll help identify content solutions that best fit your needs.


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