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Web Design Trends to Expect From Digital Marketing Agencies in Toronto for 2022

2021 was a pivotal year for Toronto marketing agencies. Being one of the most locked-down cities in North America, our clients seek thorough eCommerce and web expertise – to facilitate remote work and retail.

Over the past decade, we’ve designed websites that focused on the user experiences – making them more accessible, easy to navigate and optimized for all devices. However, these traits are now the minimum requirements. Among a highly competitive landscape, our creatives focus on crafting web content that engages on a personal and sentimental level – a sense of empathy that reflects the ever-changing world we’re in. Read on to discover the trends and innovations we’re applying to serve you better!


1. Inclusivity across contexts

Inclusivity – it’s non-negotiable but often seen as a buzzword. Instead of being thrown around, it must be an integrated, thriving philosophy in the minds of all creators.

Inclusive creation requires immense care at every stage of website’s design – and it goes beyond choosing photos that showcase people of colour. It begins at the core of strategy – including writing copy that’s empathetic to people of all sexualities, genders, and ethnicities. Furthermore, photographs, illustrations, videos featuring LGBTQ+ families and non-binary are arising to represent the new normal and their rights for equality.


2. Surface delights

A surface delight is a pop-up that appears when hovering over an area, such as a map. These ‘delights’ include anything from images, microcopy, animations and sounds to purchase and pricing information.

Surface delights were made popular from Airbnb – and they’re now a mainstay in web design. However, delights must be more than a fancy addition; they’re intended to guide users throughout the customer journey – and make their path to purchase effortless.


3. Horizontal Scrolling

A trend harnessed from social media carousels, a horizontally-viewed layout offers a pleasantly different reveal of text and images. A change from the typical vertical navigation, horizontal scrolling can make a riveting, appealing and memorable impression.

Horizontal scrolling lends to a traditional editorial feel and is especially useful for portfolio websites, catalogues and maps.


4. Narrative visualization

Also known as ‘scrollytelling’, narrative visualization refers to a series of elements – such as text and photographs appearing chronologically through subtle animations appearing in a smooth, clean, and sophisticated way. Visualizations effectively reduce a page’s bounce rate, as the subtle motions are far more engaging than a static production.

Producing these narrative visualizations requires in-depth coding knowledge. As a top website design company in Toronto, our team of developers have extensive front-and-back end web knowledge that can depict any narrative you can imagine.

5. Bold, Brutalist Typography

Brutalist typography makes a web page pop with its rugged and dominant typography, using few other elements.

This large and unapologetic typography style directly contrasts the light, minimalist and muted palettes typical in contemporary web design. Bold letters can be used for headlines, paragraphs and entire sections – and lend a foreword thinking, urban edge to websites.


6. High-Contrast & Candy Colours

Content over-saturation on the web requires eye-popping, scroll stopping visuals. As a result, our designers harness 90’s inspiration to produce neon, game-changing imagery.

Usually applied to youthful, free-thinking brands, candy colours can emphasize a particular word, element or icon. The slightly psychedelic, popping hues instantly stimulate the viewer, helping them stay focused across the entire digital experience.


Leave the rest to us.

We’ve entailed a variety of trends – as well as new norms, such as inclusivity and surface delights. Whatever comes next, we have you covered. We are Brand & Mortar – a Toronto website design company with over ten years of experience.

Count on our designers and strategists to create high-converting websites to fit your purpose. Ready to elevate your digital content? Then reach out for a free consultation!


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