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Graphic Design Trends for 2022: A Guide for Brand Development in Toronto

Graphic design is evolving in tandem with the continual pivot between good and bad, scientific breakthroughs and environmental changes. What do stated changes and the emergence of new technologies result in? A blazing inferno of creativity! If you’re seeking design or brand development in Toronto, read on to discover some emerging trends identified by our experts.


’90s Moments with Modern Elements

Millennials are quickly approaching middle age. The current pandemic, alongside a landslide of adult responsibilities, have ’90s kids seeking a sense of comfort by reflecting back to simpler times.

We’ve seen pixelated art, references to retro technology and grainy textures incorporated into modern trends such as subtle gradients, hand-drawn typography and three-dimensional backgrounds. Additionally, ’90s artifacts are seen as entirely new for younger generations – allowing brands to recreate them as something altogether new and appealing. Finally, the endless ’90s references allow for an infusion of nostalgia with existing and emerging design mediums.


Risk-taking typography

Today’s audiences react well to beautifully imperfect designs. Perfectly aligned, polished and pristine may come off as corporate and generic.

Typography that deviates from the norm can have a letter that breaks a grid and is bigger, smaller, upside down, in a different font or missing altogether. Assembling a letter in a different format is a great way to emphasize or highlight something specific.

The Squid Game opening sequence is a perfect example of this trend at work. Warped letters are especially impressive when used in motion design, where abstract components translate into readable messages.


Candy Colours

Neon fluorescent colours are becoming popular in response to the over-saturation of digital content. Bright, highly saturated colours allow artwork, logos and websites to stand out amongst the clutter – and immediately grab attention while social scrolling. We’re seeing candy colours infiltrate typography, animation, illustration, and occasionally web design to make a friendly, almost childish, psychedelic atmosphere.

Of course, bold and bright isn’t always better. Candy colours work better for youthful and eclectic brands. However, a more formal and rigid brand should ideally stick to a more conservative colour palette. By hiring a branding agency in Toronto, you can trust that you’re in the hands of strategy professionals who have a profound understanding of your audience.


Art Deco

Contrary to the candy colours and imperfect elements we’re seeing, the return of Art Deco distinguishes itself with clean geometry and robust line work.

Art Deco originated in the 1920s. Its spirit embodies innovation, modern revolution, longevity and resilience – therefore, it’s no surprise that we are seeing its resurgence throughout the pandemic.

You can recognize the beauty of Art Deco through simple, geometric and bold lines, monochrome hues and gold finishes.

The Art Deco movement is best applied to sophisticated brands seeking a mature elegance. Our designers can apply AD elements to all brand components – from logos and websites to ads and packaging.


Creative & Casual Doodling

We’re noticing simplified sketches, characters and shapes that appear as if they were created in ten minutes or less. This jovial, freeform of illustration helps make brands appear approachable, young, warm and welcoming. Additionally, they bring one-of-a-kind assets to your brand. With the endless amount of digital brushes, textures and painting software available, you can count on us to illustrate scenarios that match your creative vision.


Leave the rest to us.

We are Brand & Mortar – a top creative agency in Toronto with over ten years of branding experience. Count on our designers to create tailored elements across print, web and mobile that cut through the competition. Are you ready for a brand breakthrough? Then reach out for a free consultation today.


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